Abita Root Beer | A New Age Classic

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: December 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Abita root beer is among the most famous root beers available all over the US. Produced in New Orleans, this beverage is loved for its pure-licorice scent and distinct taste. It was also mentioned in the Top 10 Spring Beers By Fox News in 2012.

This root beer is made from some of the finest ingredients available. Abita root beer utilizes pure water, which is later cold-filtered. Plus, this beverage is among a small number of root beers that do not contain preservatives and additives. Its bittersweet flavor (with a hint of a honey-esque aftertaste) leaves its drinkers wanting more. 

The sweetening in Abita root beer is made from pure cane sugar. Therefore, this root beer’s taste is similar to cold beverages manufactured in the 1940s. 

We’ve got all the answers if you’re curious about the origins of Abita root beer, its production, and its ingredients. Read on to find out why people in the US prefer this root beer brand over others. 

Is There Alcohol In Abita Root Beer

Not all types of Abita root beer, such as the Year-Round and Seasonal sodas, contain alcohol. However, Abita also offers alcoholic versions such as the Hard Abita root beer which has an alcohol content of around 5.9%

Typically, root beers only contain approximately 2.1% alcohol content, which meshes well with the distinct flavors of vanilla, clove, anise, and sassafras. 

However, there are variants of Abita root beers that are non-alcoholic so you have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

If you’re a light drinker that likes the traditional shop soda taste of root beers, or if you’re an evening drinker that prefers a strong alcohol punch, Abita has different flavors in store for you. 

Where Is Abita Root Beer Made

This dynamic drink is made and manufactured in the woods of New Orleans. More specifically, the original brewing site is in Covington, Louisiana. However, the company has grown to create many other brewing facilities all over the US

As a result, Abita Root Beer brews over 125,000 barrels of beer annually to keep up with its demand. 

The name for Abita Root Beer comes from a nearby town called Abita Springs. This quaint town is renowned for its freshwater supply, which is also needed for the brewing process of this root beer! 

Therefore, this brand uses only the freshest local water supply to create its unique brew with the finest ingredients. Such artisanal wells are open to visits from tourists as well. 

Abita root beer’s brewing facility is open to visitors as well! You can go during the brew site’s visiting hours (available on Abita’s website) to personally witness the production process. Abita Springs is now renamed Abita Brew Pub, which is also open to visitors.

Does Abita Root Beer Have Caffeine

does abita root beer have caffeine

Abita Root Beer is naturally non-caffeinated, which is a significant relief to those looking to avoid caffeinated root beers. 

Abita prides itself on not utilizing additives such as caffeine, as it disrupts the traditional flavor of root beer. Although root beer traditionally does not require the addition of caffeine, some brands choose to add it after the brewing process nonetheless. 

However, there are many reasons why one would want to avoid caffeine altogether; it upsets your stomach and causes severe insomnia in some. 

In Abita Root Beer’s case, their primary sense of pride is in their selection of carefully picked ingredients. As a result, once you take a sip of this beer, you will only taste earthy vanilla with a sweet aftertaste! 

Who Owns Abita Root Beer

Abita Brewing, LLC, owns Abita Root Beer. The president is David Blossom, an Accounting graduate from Louisiana State University. Abita Root Beer’s founding company is closely linked with the locals residing in the Covington community. 

The company is privately owned and operated by local shareholders, and because of their passion, it has become America’s 15th largest Craft Brewery.

Abita Brewing company started 20 years ago in a small town with an ample supply of artisanal water from local wells. This company has now increased its production capacity from 150 bottles per minute to 400 per minute. Due to unprecedented demand, this popular root beer is now served in accomplished places such as Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. 

Is Abita Root Beer Vegan

abita root beer float in mug

Abita Root Beer is 100% vegan. So if you’re someone who’s strictly sticking to a vegan diet, Abita’s Root Beer is the perfect match for you. 

This beloved beverage is made via a hot mix of vanilla, herbs, and spring water. During this process, the addition of yucca is included, which creates a foamy-rich texture to slurp on. 

Some root beer manufacturers use animal bone char for the addition of refined sugar in their products. However, Abita’s Root Beer does not use this non-vegan product. Instead, they use cane sugar for sweetening. 

If you’re extra keen on maintaining a vegetarian diet, remember that brands that mention ‘honey’ on their labels are more likely not to be vegan, as such drinks typically contain dairy products such as milk or cream. 

Some options are also gluten-free and healthy for those with gluten sensitivity. These variants include Abita’s Spring Loaded, Abita Root Beer, Vanilla Cream Soda, and King Cake Soda. 


Overall, Abita’s Root Beer is an excellent pick for those that value a rich taste in their evening drinks. The varying array of root beer options allows one to experiment freely and enjoy drinks made from the finest ingredients. In addition, Abita Root Beer’s integrity, distinct flavor, and diverse variety make it perfect for those looking for their new cold beverage. 

You can slurp it on its own, add some ground-up coffee beans for a strong energy kick or add vanilla ice cream for a delicious root beer float. You can even utilize this dynamic drink to make cakes and desserts as well! Thus, Abita’s root beer should be on your list of root beers to try out if you haven’t already.