Bundaberg Root Beer

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: September 30, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Bundaberg Root Beer is one of the world’s most commercially successful root beer companies. Their products have become a common household staple and are consumed as everyday soft drinks. This brand of root beer is renowned for its nostalgic and creamy taste derived from a secret family recipe. 

Bundaberg Root Beer uses some of the finest ingredients to produce premium root beer. Their selection has resulted in an exotic taste that distinguishes it from other root beers available in the market. 

You can use this drink in various ways, such as an everyday soft drink and an ice cream float, and you even can add it to cakes as well!

Its various uses, unique taste, and witty packaging have contributed to the company’s commercial success. 

If this has piqued your curiosity, keep reading more to know what makes Bundaberg Root Beer so popular. 

Where Is Bundaberg Root Beer From?

Bundaberg Root Beer is a quintessential Aussie drink. As the name suggests, it was first produced in Bundaberg. Bundaberg is a quaint town that is situated in Queensland, Australia. This company started as a fermenting business and was later acquired by Electra Breweries. 

Since then, it has been owned by a mother, father, son, and daughter, making this beloved brand a family venture. 

This family-owned business has greatly expanded ever since its inception and now offers its beverage in almost 61 countries worldwide. 

They have expanded their beverage range to accommodate a whopping number of 13 flavors and three diet varieties. If you’re looking for a refreshing carbonated drink, chances are that Bundaberg has something in store for your needs. 

Bundaberg is renowned for its unique ginger beer but also produces other carbonated drinks such as Bitters and Sarsaparillas. 

What Are Bundaberg Root Beer Ingredients?

Bundaberg Root Beer combines traditional and modern ingredients to produce its rich taste. These ingredients are sarsaparilla root, ground ginger, licorice root, vanilla bean, and molasses. 

These ingredients are then brewed for three days to ensure the taste is impeccable and potent. Bundaberg Root Beer has a label asking consumers to invert the bottle before drinking so the ingredients can blend perfectly. So if you want your Bundaberg Root Beer to live up to its potential, make sure to invert and shake well before drinking. 

Combining the ingredients above creates a dark, vanilla, and earthy taste, ending the notes with a faint bitter aftertaste. This specific flavor palate allows the consumers to pair it easily with alcoholic drinks for a grownups’ night out. 

The marketing team of Bundaberg encourages their root beer’s usage as a mixing drink! 

Is Bundaberg Root Beer Alcoholic?

bundaberg assorted sodas

Bundaberg Root Beer is non-alcoholic. Any residual alcohol from other ingredients is less than 0.5%. This means you do not have to worry about intoxication with this drink and can sip it away in the afternoon. This drink is usually classified as a child-friendly soda or soft drink. 

Unfortunately, due to the 0.5% alcohol content, this drink is not halal or kosher. If you’d like a drink with a taste similar to Bundaberg’s but containing 0% alcohol, try going for A&W Root Beer. 

Does Bundaberg Root Beer Have Caffeine?

Nearly all of Bundaberg Root Beer’s products are naturally non-caffeinated. Bundaberg’s Premium Cola is the only one out of their beverage range which contains caffeine. Therefore, you do not have to worry about excessive caffeine intake with almost all their other beverage variants. 

There are many reasons to avoid caffeine, such as insomnia and irritability. This is why it’s better to be cautious about caffeine content in root beers. 

Root beer does not contain any naturally caffeinated ingredients. Instead, caffeine is added as an artificial additive to appeal to a different demographic. 

How To Open Bundaberg Root Beer?

case of bundaberg root beer

Root beers can come with complex packaging, and Bundaberg is no different. Not to worry, it’s relatively easy to open up a bottle of Bundaberg Root Beer if you read our simple instructions. 

Hold the bottle tightly and securely before pulling out the ring attached to the lid. Next, spin the bottle 180 degrees so the tab/ring faces away from you. Finally, use your full force and pull the cap out and over. 

However, it’s best to remember that you should not pull straight up (instead of out) quickly. The cap cannot vent and will pop off the bottle violently and hit your finger in a very, very painful, almost bone-breaking fashion. We do not want that. 

What’s The Difference Between Bundaberg Root Beer And Bundaberg Sarsaparilla?

Bundaberg Root Beer and Bundaberg Sarsaparilla are essentially the same things with different labels. This is because these beverages are produced by the same company and use the same ingredients. However, due to the worldwide expansion of Bundaberg Root Beer, the labels on packaging vastly differ from country to country. 

According to Bundaberg, there was supposed to be a difference between these two beverages. Historically, Sarsaparilla soda is made from sarsaparillas, and root beer is made from sassafras. 

However, sassafras is banned in food usage; now, only sarsaparillas are allowed in beverages. Therefore, the company made both the products similar in the brew and different in labels. 

You will commonly find Bundaberg Root Beer in the US and the UK. On the contrary, if you go to Australia, you’ll discover Bundaberg Sarsaparilla. 

Interestingly, both root beers are brewed for the same amount of time and in the same warehouse (in Australia). Thus, there’s no need to be confused; you’re drinking the same thing regardless of the label. 

Are Bundaberg Root Beers Healthy?

In general, root beers are not the healthiest drink around. Root beers contain excessive sugar, artificial colorings, and preservatives. 

Bundaberg uses premium quality ingredients and natural fruits, spices, and herbs to flavor their drinks. However, the problem with Bundaberg is not the flavoring but the fructose content: Bundaberg Root Beer is exceptionally high in sugar, making it very unhealthy. 

Excessive consumption of sugary drinks is associated with diabetes and obesity. If you like drinking this unique drink, drink water regularly if you’re dehydrated rather than root beer. 

Bundaberg ended up on the list of companies with the worst health portfolio in Australia. Therefore, this drink cannot do any favors to your physical health. 

You can always dilute or drink in moderation to prevent yourself from illness. Long-term excessive consumption of any root beer can do severe damage to the body’s insulin regulation. 

Is Bundaberg Root Beer Gluten-Free?

Bundaberg Root Beer is gluten-free. The rest of their vast beverage range does not contain gluten, either. Their beverages do not contain wheat, barley, or malt, unlike other available root beer options. Bundaberg Root Beer is the most suitable option if you’re wary of gluten-containing drinks. 


There are many reasons why individuals prefer Bundaberg Root Beer over other alternatives in the market. It’s packaged well, marketed meticulously, manufactured with premium ingredients, and offers a wide variety of flavors.

This beverage can be mixed, used, and paired with various food and drink options. So if you’re a root beer lover, Bundaberg should be on your list of beverages to try at least once in your life!