Can You Drink Hot Root Beer?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: September 13, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

The concept of drinking ‘hot’ root beer doesn’t come without a hot debate surrounding it among regular root beer drinkers. While some prefer their root beer chilled and brimming with ice, others believe it should be served hot to preserve its authentic taste. 

However, most people prefer to drink cold root beers by adding a ton of ice or keeping it in the refrigerator overnight. But what if we told you that a soda’s flavor drastically changes when served chilled? 

That’s right, chilled sodas reduce our tastebud’s sensitivity and, ultimately, the authentic goodness of the beverage. Plus, sodas such as root beer can lose carbon over time, just like your regular Pepsi or Coca-Cola, which is a deal breaker for many people.

For these reasons, it’s unsurprising that some people enjoy their root beers at room temperature. However, it’s up to your personal preferences whether you want a hot root beer or a cold one.

In this article, we’ll answer a few of the most common questions people have about root beer to make your drinking experience as wonderful as you’d expect it to be! 

Why Is Root Beer Served Without Ice?

Traditionally, root beer was served without ice because ice was not readily available back then. However, due to most beverages being served with ice in today’s age, some people prefer ice in their root beers as well. 

The price of a chilled root beer mug comes with a price that cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, ice dilutes the bittersweet flavor and makes root beer taste medicinal. This flavor makes for a highly displeasing drinking experience.  

Serving root beer without ice enables the beverage to retain its earthy and sweet flavor, allowing you to savor its authentic taste to the maximum. 

However, it turns out that people value taste over authenticity; the traditional belief that root beer is supposed to be hot is long foregone. Instead, over the past several decades, people have started using ice to chill their beverages in the summer, while some home-brewing chefs also prefer to add dry ice. 

What Are The Origins Of Root Beer?

The origins can be traced back to Colonial America, but the first official commercial production dates back to 1875. Charles Hires introduced the first brand of root beer called Hires Root Beer. Initially, this beloved drink was going to be named ‘Root tea.’ 

However, Hires soon realized this name wouldn’t appeal to Pennsylvanian coal miners and changed it to Root beer instead. 

Root beer was traditionally carbonated via the process of fermentation. Over the years, fermentation became outdated and was eventually replaced by carbonated water. 

Interestingly, root beer was made from sassafras’ bark, which was used as an herbal remedy. Since that sector of herbal science is nearly obsolete, people have started to consume root beer as an everyday beverage. Therefore, root beer has gained immense popularity as a beloved household drink all over the US. 

How Is Root Beer Served?

Root beer can be served hot or cold. However, many prefer to add some ice in hot and humid weather to cool off. This drink is dynamic and can be paired with many other household food items. 

One of the most common ways of drinking root beer is to make an ice cream float. Vanilla ice cream is added to the beverage to create a frothy, creamy, and sweet mixture that people of all ages can enjoy. Once these two textures are melted, you can drink this milkshake concoction using a straw. 

Furthermore, root beer is served with steaks and barbecue—the earthy flavor of the beverage pairs well with the smoky texture of grilled or fried meat. Thus, it’s no surprise that most steakhouses offer root beer as a complimentary drink to enjoy with your high-protein meal. 

Does Root Beer Have Any Health Benefits?

root beer health benefits

Root beer contains licorice root, which has medicinal properties and was used in herbal medicine traditionally. This beverage can be drunk as tea to ease digestion and treat stomach ulcers. Drinking root beer every once in a while can also reduce high blood sugar and regulate insulin functions. 

The beverage also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help restore healthy skin and allow quick healing. Additionally, it includes a wide variety of other ingredients used in herbal medicine, such as ginger, dandelion, and birch. 

Root beer is commonly made from sarsaparilla. Indigenous folks have used sarsaparilla root to treat arthritis in joints and skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. 

However, root beer is an unfavorable option if you’re looking to stick to a low-sugar diet. It’s high in fructose and can lead to weight gain. Therefore, your root beer consumption shouldn’t exceed your dietary limitations. 

Can You Drink Root Beer In Summer?

Root beer can be drunk all year round. If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage under a scorching sun, you can make an ice-cold root beer float or add ice cubes to a mug of root beer. 

Home-brewing root beer can also be a fun DIY activity for the family. In addition, root beer is the perfect PG beverage for pool parties and beach days. Therefore, we encourage you to make root beer a part of your vacation intake!

Is Root Beer Alcohol or Soda?

top view of root beer glass bottle and orange soda

It is neither but also a little bit of both. Root beer reigns supreme in a beverage category of its own. Root beer is not sweet enough to be characterized as a soda, despite being carbonated. However, some still use soda as an appropriate term for root beer since it comes close to soda due to its foamy texture. 

On the contrary, root beer is generally non-alcoholic. Adding the word ‘beer’ can make it confusing for some to decipher whether it’s similar to actual alcoholic beer. It is not. Adults and kids can enjoy this beer throughout the year! 

But if you’re looking for alcoholic root beers, you can find many brands that offer hard root beers such as Abita, Jed’s, and Coney Island.


The best part about root beer is that this dynamic drink doesn’t follow anyone’s hard and fast rules. The world is your oyster if you prefer it hot, with ice, or mixed with ice cream. This drink offers something for people of all ages, preferences, and backgrounds.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that root beer is the quintessential American drink and is readily available all over grocery stores in the US!