Dad’s Root Beer

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: September 30, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Over the last few years, the US Root Beer market has thoroughly expanded. Many root beer manufacturers have started changing this cult-classic non-alcoholic drink with their unique flavorings. However, not many companies share the same success story as Dad’s Root Beer. 

An entrepreneur, Ely Kapman, started Dad’s Root Beer in a Chicago basement. Over time, the company flourished for its exquisite taste. Now, it is renowned for serving various root beer variants and choosing some of the finest ingredients to produce their flavor. 

Despite Dad’s producing different varieties and flavors of root beer and cream soda, their Root Beer remains a flagship product. 

This beverage is a recognizable label all across the US and is frequently bought by root beer lovers. If you’ve come across this drink, the chances are that you’ve had a few questions about its nature. 

So let’s unpack everything there is to know about this beverage! 

What Company Makes Dad’s Root Beer?

Hedinger Brands, LLC currently owns Dad’s Root Beer. This drink is marketed by another company that goes by the name of Dad’s Root Beer Company, LLC. 

However, this root beer manufacturer’s ownership history is vast and convoluted. Dad’s was owned by IC Industries, The Monarch Beverage Company, and Coca-Cola. 

What’s in Dad’s Root Beer?

Dad’s Root Beer contains carbonated water, pure cane sugar, caramel color, preservatives, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors. 

Traditionally, root beer was made via fermentation. However, many companies today, including Dad’s, employ the carbonation technique to give the beverage its fizziness. Artificial flavors create an intense kick of earthy flavor and a creamy aftertaste.

The caramel color in Dad’s Root Beer is the same coloring additive used in Pepsi and Coca-Cola. These artificial colors are US Certified Colors and are completely safe for everyday consumption. Licorice, vanilla, and wintergreen flavorings are used to give Dad’s its unique and specific taste. This flavor spectrum is specifically chosen to make the beverage taste as traditional as possible. 

Is Dad’s Root Beer Made With Cane Sugar?

Dad’s Root Beer is made with 100% pure cane sugar. The addition of cane sugar results in a flavor resembling soft drinks made in the 1970s. This adds a memorable punch of flavor that leaves consumers wanting more. 

Cane sugar is also the healthiest option for sweetening drinks. Medical experts believe that cane sugar is more nutritious than refined sugar. 

Many root beer manufacturers use high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten their beverages, which is an unhealthy option since it contains excessive sugar, leading to health conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Dad’s Root Beer chooses a sweetening that’s the easiest for the body to digest and is packed with antioxidants. Therefore, if you’re looking for a relatively low-sugar option for root beer, Dad’s Root Beer is a go-to. 

Does Dad’s Root Beer Have Caffeine?

All variants of Dad’s Root Beer are naturally caffeine-free. This includes both diet and regular varieties. 

Most root beers do not contain caffeinated ingredients. Instead, certain manufacturers only include it as an extra additive to compete with other soft drinks available on the market. 

Is Dad’s Root Beer Vegan?

Yes, Dad’s Root Beer is definitely vegan. It does not contain animal-derived products such as milk, cream, or honey.

Root beers are a slippery slope to climb if you have a vegan diet, as you’ve got to carefully pick apart the ingredients on the label to determine whether the beverage is vegan. 

However, you can put these worries aside when buying Dad’s; almost all their flavor variants are vegan. 

Another vegan-friendly beverage is Virgil’s Root Beer. It’s also gluten-free, kosher, and tasty!

Do They Still Make Dad’s Root Beer?

Yes, Dad’s Root Beer is still available in the market. They have expanded their root beer line to include Orange Cream Soda and Red Cream Soda. You can find all the variants of this dynamic beverage on Amazon and their website. However, you can easily find this at your local grocery store as well. 

How Old Is Dad’s Root Beer?

Dad’s Root Beer was founded in 1937 in Chicago, which makes it more than 80 years old! This beloved beverage has been a prominent frontrunner in the liquid and brewing industry. Dad’s Root Beer was the first to use the six-pack format to sell its cans. Likewise, Dad’s Root Beer was also the first to market its beverage in a half-gallon bottle. 

Interestingly, the sizes of their bottles were inspired by the drink’s name. Such sizes were marketed with names such as ‘Junior,’ ‘Mama,’ and ‘Papa.’ The label on the bottle is kept accurate to a retro feel and has vintage packaging. 

Dad’s Root Beer does not compromise root beer’s traditional quality and taste. So, if you’d like an option for a chilled beverage with a remarkable taste loved by most drinkers, you might want to look into the classic Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer.

Dad’s Root Beer has a rich history of brewing a wide variety of beverages, such as:

  • Diet Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer
  • Cream Soda
  • Orange Cream Soda
  • Red Cream Soda
  • Blue Cream Soda
  • Bubble-Up 
  • Suncrest Orange
  • Dr. Wells 

How Much Alcohol Is In Dad’s Root Beer?

Generally, root beers contain about 2% alcohol due to fermentation. However, Dad’s Root Beer is an exception as it has absolutely no alcohol, making it a 100% non-alcoholic, halal, and kosher beverage. 

If you like alcohol, you can always use Dad’s Root Beer as a mixing medium for vodka or gin. The traditional creamy taste offsets the bitterness of alcohol and can also be used in creating cocktails. 

You can mix it with other alcoholic drinks for a more decisive kick on a night out, and it will retain its original flavor. Dad’s Root Beer has thrived for 85 years and survived multiple company acquisitions, and for a good reason—the taste is simply impeccable. 

So, if you want to reduce your alcohol intake or make refined alcoholic drinks, Dad’s Root Beer is the perfect option. 

What Does Dad’s Root Beer Taste Like?

The baseline flavor of this Dad’s Root Beer is very traditional. It tastes like wintergreen, vanilla, and licorice. However, there is a balanced aftertaste of sassafras, which gives its taste a traditional touch. 

Many manufacturers overdo sassafras’ flavor, which often causes root beer to taste medicinal. 

However, that isn’t the case with Dad’s. The reason Dad’s root beer has a loyal following is its ability to curate a unique yet balanced taste, serving the flavor palates of many. It does not include aromatic added spices, nauseating strong aroma, or artificial sweeteners that make it taste unnatural. 


Dad’s Root Beer has a rich history and a beloved taste. So if you’re looking for new brands of root beers to try, Dad’s should definitely make your list. 

This beverage is not only restricted to your drinking purposes but can be added to ice cream floats and cream soda cakes because of its sugarcane sweetening. 

Overall, we would say Dad’s Root Beer is pretty high on the list of some of the best root beer manufacturers in the world, so why not try it and see if it’s something you like?