Fanta Orange Soda

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: October 19, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

If you were born anytime from the 1960s to the early 2010s, Fanta orange soda was probably a big part of your childhood. As one of the highest-selling soft drink brands in the world and arguably the most popular orange soda, the soda has etched its name in many hearts, becoming part of several family traditions and rituals.

Although drunk by hundreds of thousands of people daily, not many people know the Fanta orange soda history. In fact, not so many people care. But since it’s my job to know this kind of stuff, I’ll be sharing it with you. 

So, grab your bottle of Fanta orange soda and read on!

Fanta was created in the middle of World War II in the Third Reich by Max Keith, the man in charge of the Coca-cola German subsidiary at the time

Before his famous creation, Keith ran the coca-cola business devotedly, expanding and taking over the Coca-cola businesses of the Nazi-conquered territories, naturally, with Coca-cola’s backing. 

In a swift turn of fortune, the US entry into the war changed the game, and the Coca-cola conglomerate had to detach themselves from their German affiliations. While this was bad news for the Coca-cola company, it was even worse news for Keith as he would no longer get the required supplies for production. 

During this distressing period, Keith had to choose between going out of business and creating an alternative beverage for the German population. And so, Fanta fruit-flavored drink was founded.

I doubt that anyone, Keith included, could expect anything great from the fruit shavings, apple fibers and pulp, beet sugar, and whey (liquid from curdling and straining of milk during cheese production) that made up the ingredients of the first Fanta. 

But unexpectedly, everyone loved the drink, and it had sold more than three million cases by 1943. 

After some time, due to Germany losing the war, the production of the drink was stopped but was taken on again with a new recipe in 1955 (rumor has it that Mirinda is to blame) and introduced in the US in 1958.

When did Fanta Orange Come Out?

There is no answer to this question without revisiting the age-old argument of who came out first between Fanta and Mirinda. Regardless of the enormous success these two orange soda brands have achieved over the years, they are still placed side by side in comparison by faithful lovers of the brands.

But while the two soft drinks came out officially around the same time (the late 1950s), Fanta had been produced and sold before that, in the early 1940s, during world war II.

Also, in recent times, many orange sodas have competed with Fanta for the top spot in many areas, such as taste and health benefits. You can read here to see my top orange sodas and how they may be better than Fanta.

Who created Fanta orange soda?

two cans of fanta orange soda

Fanta orange soda was first created by Max Keith, who worked for the Coca-cola company in Germany during world war II. Although, Coca-cola introduced a new recipe for the soft drink in 1955, which is different from what was used by Keith.

Due to the rationing of ingredients and food during the war, Keith’s recipe mainly involved leftovers from other food industries. But the new Fanta recipe contains the following ingredients: 

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate (to protect taste), natural flavors, modified food starch, sodium polyphosphates, glycerol ester of rosin, yellow 6, red 40.

Does Fanta Use Real Oranges in their Soda?

According to a post on Eat this, Not that!, ‘Orange soda has no real, fresh orange fruit in it to make your bubbly beverage even remotely healthy.’

The popular website known for its regular expert nutrition tips, health advice, healthy recipes, and especially for preaching against drinking sodas lists Fanta as a soda to stay away from for many reasons, one of which is that they lack natural oranges in their formulation.

Also, the same post tackles the claim on the Fanta orange website, where the soft drink is said to contain natural flavors. The expert consulted on the post said, ‘Although this brand (Fanta) claims to have 100% natural flavors, the word ‘natural’ doesn’t really mean anything. According to government regulations, it can still be highly processed and contain many chemical additives.’

So, while we wait for clarification from Fanta on what ‘natural flavor’ means, it is safer to assume that the orange flavor may be chemically processed.

Fanta orange soda nutrition facts

three cans of fanta orange soda

Fanta orange soda contains 73g of carbohydrates (0 fiber, 73g sugar), 270 calories, 0 fat, 0 protein, and 90mg sodium per 20 oz serving size.

Similar to Coca-cola, Pepsi, and other sugary sweet sodas, Fanta has a high amount of sugar and should be taken cautiously. Because this nourishing soda has no fiber, excessive indulgence over time could spike your blood sugar level. However, if taken properly, Fanta is fantastic and can not harm your body.

How much sugar is in Fanta orange soda?

Per 20 oz serving size, Fanta contains 73 grams of sugar, which is a high amount. Hence, Fanta should be taken carefully. Also, other flavors of Fanta, such as the mango and grape flavor, contain large amounts of sugar, and you should watch your intake.

Does Fanta Orange Soda Contain Caffeine?

close up of fanta orange soda can

The answer is no. Fanta orange soda does not contain caffeine.

Is Fanta Orange Soda Owned by Coke?

The Coca-cola company owns Fanta orange soda. After its debut in Italy in 1955, the company introduced this soda in the US in 1958. Regardless of its complex creation and negative association with the Nazis, Fanta is a proud brand of the Coca-cola company and is the company’s main product against PepsiCo’s Mirinda. 

However, orange sodas are not the only products that PepsiCo and Coca-cola aim to stay ahead of. Read here to know if Dr Pepper is a Pepsi or Coca-cola product.


Being created during world war II and in Germany gave Fanta a complicated and disapproving beginning. Regardless, the soda rose to the occasion, satisfying people with an orange taste that is sweet and special.

The soda has no caffeine and no fat. But, because it contains a significant amount of sugar, you should drink the soda carefully, and if you are on any diet that does not require sugar, you should stay away from Fanta. If not, do enjoy yourself!