Is Grapefruit Soda Good for You?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: October 19, 2022
  • Time to read: 7 min.

Grapefruit sodas are carbonated beverages made from grapefruit juice and carbonated water. However, grapefruit juice may be substituted for fruit extract or concentrate. 

Originally, grapefruit was a product of the crossing of sweet orange and pomelo, hence, this delicious soft drink belongs to the citrus family, similar to lemon and orange-flavored sodas.

Naturally, as a citrus fruit-flavored soda, grapefruit soda has a pronounced acidity, which is reflected in its taste. Accordingly, the taste of this delightful soda varies from sweet to bittersweet and sometimes may be sour. 

Also, It is important to note that the acidity and nutritional value of the fruit soda depend on the redness of the fruits used in the production.

Hence, when making your grapefruit soda at home, selecting red and pink grapefruits allows you to make sweeter, yummy sodas with more vitamins and nutrients than using the white variants.

Besides being nutritional and great when taken alone, these excellent sodas are exceptional in creating amazing cocktails. Mixing tequila and grapefruit soda in a Paloma cocktail creates a balanced, sweet taste as the bittersweet taste of the soda flavor balances the taste of tequila.

Other cocktails created from this soda flavor include Flamingo (white rum, fresh lime juice, and grapefruit soda), Hemingway Daiquiri (Maraschino liqueur with grapefruit soda or juice), and Malibu Fizz (light rum, cranberry juice, and grapefruit soda).

So, is Grapefruit Soda Good for You?

Grapefruit sodas often contain few to zero calories (Fresca has no calories) and, in some cases, relatively lower amounts of sugar. So, they are a healthier option when compared to other sodas. Also, due to its low carbs and balanced effect on blood sugar and sugar cravings, grapefruit soda aids in promoting healthy weight management.

In addition, this refreshing soda is good for you because grapefruits used in making the juice or extract are great fruits with many health benefits.

For example, they aid in reducing hypertension, contain vitamins that boost immunity and form new tissues, have a low GI (glycemic index), and contain antioxidants.

There is a wide variety of grapefruit-flavored sodas to choose from that are less harmful than other sodas. For example, while Fresco has no calories but contains artificial sweeteners, Bubly contains all-natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners.

While many top beverage companies such as Coca-cola and PepsiCo make their versions of this fizzy drink, you can easily make it at home with your grapefruits, sugar, water, lemon, and carbonated water.

Here, I explain how root beer is good for you.

Does Grapefruit Soda Contain Real Fruit Juice?

Grapefruit-flavored sodas are made with real fruit juice, fruit extract, or concentrate. In making grapefruit soda, varying percentages of natural grapefruit juice are used. In some cases, brands contain as low as 1% natural juice, and others contain up to 15% natural juice.

Due to the varying percentages of fruit juice combined with many ingredients, grapefruit sodas often have different colors, which range from light yellow to light pink.

Here, you can learn how to make root beer at home using root beer extract or concentrate.

Will Grapefruit Soda Make You Fat?

Will Grapefruit Soda Make You Fat?
Will Grapefruit Soda Make You Fat?

Grapefruit soda contains fewer calories than your average soda, and some sodas contain no calories. For example, Wave grapefruit soda contains 25 calories per 355ml serving size, while Fresca and Bubly have no calories. 

So, to manage your weight better, these fruit-flavored sodas are a better option because they do not make you fat. In fact, grapefruits contain an average of 42 calories per 100 grams and are also recommended to people who want to lose weight.

Is There a Good Sugar-free Grapefruit Soda Option?

Yes. There are several sugar-free grapefruit soda options to select from. Some are Zevia’s zero-calorie grapefruit soda, squirt zero sugar grapefruit soda, Fresca grapefruit citrus zero-calorie sugar-free sparkling soda, and Virgil’s zero sugar-free grapefruit soda.

The sodas listed above are only some sodas in the sugar-free category. While they are all sugar-free, most of them also have no calories, are made with all-natural flavors, have no artificial additives, and deliver a balanced taste.

Is Grapefruit Soda Vegan?

Although most grapefruit sodas do not contain common dairy products, not all of them are vegan. This is due to the large amounts of citric acid in some grapefruit sodas. Citric acid is an emulsifier that may contain animal fat derived from glycerin/glycerol.

However, some vegan grapefruit sodas include Wave grapefruit soda and Bon Accord salted pink grapefruit soda.

Is Grapefruit Soda Kosher?

Is Grapefruit Soda Kosher?
Is Grapefruit Soda Kosher?

Kosher sodas conform to the Jewish dietary laws known as Kashrut. Most of the ingredients used in the production of sodas conform to these laws, however, not all sodas are kosher-certified.

Most grapefruit sodas do not go against any kashrut concerns, which mainly have to do with the use of insects, mammals, fish, shellfish, birds, and heat in the production process.

Interestingly, a particular soda brand may be kosher-certified in one country and not kosher-certified in another. For example, coke products and brands produced in Mexico are not kosher certified, but most of the same products are kosher-certified in the US and Canada.

Hence, to make a well-informed decision on the grapefruit-flavored soft drink to select, check the updated list of kosher-certified sodas to see if your selection conforms to the kosher laws.

Is Grapefruit Soda Halal?

Halal foods are foods that are permissible according to Islamic law. In the case of beverages, carbonated soft drinks are halal as they do not contain toxic amounts of alcohol. Hence grapefruit soda is halal. 

Also, the ingredients in grapefruit sodas do not cause allergic reactions in people allergic to citrus fruits.

Does Grapefruit Soda Affect Medication?

Yes. Some medicines are affected by grapefruit juice used in making grapefruit soda. This ingredient prevents enzymes in the body and transporters in cells in the small intestine from breaking down and absorbing certain drugs, thereby increasing the medicine level in your blood.

Consequently, this increases the risk of the side effects of the drugs and may alter their correction effects on your body. Some medicines affected by grapefruit juice include: 

  • Statins: These are drugs that lower your cholesterol. Some statins are affected by grapefruit juice.
  • Calcium Channel Blockers: These medicines relax the muscles that form the walls of your arteries. Some of them are amlodipine, felodipine, lacidipine, etc. Reacting with grapefruit juice increases the level of the drug in your blood.
  • Anticoagulants: These help to prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Grapefruit juice reacts with warfarin and makes you bleed easily.
  • Antiplatelet Medicines: These stop platelets from sticking together and forming blood clots. Grapefruit juice decreases the effect of some of these drugs, such as clopidogrel.
  • Entocort: This drug is used to treat a digestive system condition. Grapefruit juice increases the level of budesonide in your blood upon reacting with this drug. 
  • Cytotoxic Medicines: These are cancer-treating medicines that react with grapefruit juice.

The above list is not an exhaustive one, hence, if you are on medication, ensure you inquire from your doctor or pharmacist if you can drink grapefruit juice. 

If you cannot resist drinking soda while taking your medication, you can take root beer soda. It does not contain citric acid and does not react with most medications.

Is Grapefruit Bad for ADHD Meds?

glass of grapefruit soda with slice of grapefruit
Is Grapefruit Bad for ADHD Meds?

Yes. Drinks with high amounts of citric acid or vitamin C, which include orange juices, grapefruit drinks, and other drinks that contain vitamin C, may alter the effect of Ritalin. Ritalin is the most popular medication for ADHD. 

Unfortunately, because of the citric acid in grapefruit juice, the effect of the medication is altered before the body metabolizes it.

Can You Have Grapefruit Soda With Aspirin?

Unlike its reaction with the medications above, grapefruit soda does not affect low-dose aspirins. While some drugs that do not permit the drinking of grapefruit soda immediately after using them, others do. 

Hence, it is very important to find out from your GP or pharmacist which carbonated drinks you are permitted to drink while on medication. And if you love grapefruit sodas, you should ask your doctor if you are allowed to continue drinking the soft drink on medication.

Can You Drink Grapefruit Soda While Taking Statins?

glass of grapefruit soda
Can You Drink Grapefruit Soda While Taking Statins?

Statins help to lower your cholesterol. Simvastatin and Atorvastatin react with grapefruit juice in the fruit-flavored soda to increase the level of the drugs in your blood and increase the risk of side effects.

However, other statins do not pose as much threat to your body, and you can drink grapefruit soda while on these drugs.


Grapefruit sodas are made from grapefruit juice and carbonated water. This grapefruit juice may be substituted for grapefruit extract or concentrate. This delicious soda is good for you as it mostly contains few to zero calories and, in some cases, is sugar-free.

When on medication, it is important to get advice from your GP or pharmacist to know if the drugs allow for the drinking of grapefruit soda. This is because grapefruit-flavored sodas react with many medications.

While most of these sodas are halal and kosher, not all are vegan. Also, they cannot make you fat because of their low-calorie content.

Ultimately, grapefruit sodas are great soft drinks you can share with your kids. Furthermore, they can be mixed with alcohol to form delightful cocktails that can be enjoyed with friends and colleagues.