Is San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: December 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

San Pellegrino soda is known to enliven moods and enhance moments with its unique blend of specially selected oranges. But the creators of the soft drink didn’t always produce sodas. In fact, the first San Pellegrino orange-flavored drink didn’t exist until after 3 decades of the company’s existence. 

For you to understand better, let me take you on a short history ride.

The founders of San Pellegrino soda, San Pellegrino Company, started production in 1899 with mineral water produced in San Pellegrino Terme. Amazingly, the base mineral water from the spring does not need much processing and even gets its carbonation from the earth. 

So, with a self-replenishing basin, the mineral water gained popularity all over Europe and beyond, creating a perfect foundation for the first San Pellegrino orangeade in 1932. Over the years, the orangeade was sold in iconic bottles while the company introduced other flavors to the brand. 

Meanwhile, it was around this time that the famous drinks Chinnoto and Limonata were introduced into the beverage market, which further increased the popularity of San Pellegrino products. 

Shortly after celebrating its 100th anniversary as a production company, it went further to release Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa (blood orange soda) on the shelves of retail stores. 

Since then, San Pellegrino products, including mineral water and sparkling fruit beverages, have continued to expand, adding new products like Clementina and Limone e Menta.

So, is San Pellegrino blood orange soda?

Yes, San Pellegrino blood orange is soda. However, San Pellegrino company produces several other beverages, including mineral water and sparkling fruit soft drinks, that are tasty and unique as the blood orange soda.

What Kind of Beverage is San Pellegrino?

can of blood orange san pellegrino

The producers of San Pellegrino blood orange soda (San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa) refer to the soft drink as an Italian sparkling fruit beverage. But while the soft drink is Italian and sparkling, it is also a carbonated beverage made from 100% natural sun-ripened and blood oranges.

In contrast to the chemically produced ingredients and flavoring found in regular sodas, blood orange soda is made of primarily natural ingredients, which include water, orange juice from concentrate (10%), sugar, blood orange juice from concentrate (5%), carbon dioxide, lemon juice concentrate, orange extract (0.1%), black carrot concentrate, and natural flavoring.

Consequently, it is considered to be healthier than most sodas. Also, it contains a lower amount of sugar (29g) compared to the 39 grams in the same serving of a Coca-cola soft drink. And contains fewer calories (125) as compared to the 150 calories in Pepsi

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Naturally, a healthier option for soda will interest people, but this is not the only reason people love this beverage. With its magical taste that balances a bitter bite and a low amount of sugar, the San Pellegrino hexes people into taking more than they imagine they would at once. 

This may surprise you, but many people do not know the name or flavor of this beverage and usually drink it by happenstance. But as soon as they taste it and learn the name, it’s San Pellegrino blood orange soda all the way.

Is San Pellegrino Good for You?

Is San Pellegrino good for you?

San Pellegrino products, including the blood orange soda, are made from 100% natural products, contain lower amounts of sugar and calories than the average soda, and has a minimal sweet or bitter taste. So, yes, San Pellegrino is good for you!

In addition, if there’s something you must know about this soda, it’s that it is easily as addictive as Coke or Dr Pepper. Yes! It is that good. 

So, when you taste it, you may be forgoing your favorite drink forever.

Better still, this delightful soda is good for your kids, too, making them perfect for kids’ parties. What’s more, when mixed with ice cubes or used to make an alcoholic cocktail, this drink is also refreshing. 

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Is there Caffeine in San Pellegrino Blood Orange?

The answer is no. San Pellegrino blood orange does not contain caffeine. However, the company released a line of coffee-inspired drinks in 2021, which contained about 30mg of caffeine. So, we may see a caffeinated version of the blood orange soda someday, but I doubt people will like that. 

Can you Drink Too Much San Pellegrino?

glass bottle of blood orange san pellegrino

It would be best if you did not drink too much of any soda, San Pellegrino or Pepsi. Soda generally contains high amounts of sugar, so even though San Pellegrino blood orange soda does not have as much sugar as your regular soda, it should still be drunk with caution.

As mentioned earlier, the soda can be so refreshing and sweet that you may be tempted to take more than necessary. In that case, do well to remember that excessive indulgence is not recommended.

Why does San Pellegrino Taste so Good?

San Pellegrino blood orange soda blends sun-ripened oranges and blood oranges from Italy with real sugar and natural flavors to create a tasty masterpiece. With each sip, you quickly taste the sweet and complex flavor of the Italian oranges.

Compared to artificially sweetened orange sodas, the natural sweetness of this soda delivers a more acceptable and familiar taste, which is why it is so good. 

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Is San Pellegrino Water or Juice?

can of san pellegrino

Like many other beverage companies, the producers of San Pellegrino blood orange juice produce a variety of products, which include sparkling mineral water, sparkling juices, and other sparkling drinks. 

As a result of their many famous products, of which some are prevalent in some areas and others in different regions, San Pellegrino may be confused for just mineral water or juice. However, their products should not be mistaken as they make both sparkling mineral water products and sparkling juice products.


San Pellegrino began production with sparkling mineral water but diversified into various flavors and products, including a blood orange soda.

As a more natural, lower sugar, and lower calorie option to soda, San Pellegrino blood orange soda offers a sweet and tasty soft drink that you and your entire family can enjoy.

But, while you drink your non-caffeinated blood orange soda, make sure you do not excessively indulge. Enjoy!