Root Beer Schnapps

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: September 25, 2022
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Root beer schnapps has a considerable amount of sugar with additional flavorings that make it sweet, which is why it is considered a liqueur. It is a syrupy and smooth drink with the unique root beer taste. 

This spirit is a great mixer for many tasty cocktails. Whether you mix it with beer, soda, or ice cream, or you chug it down straight, the liqueur always makes an interesting drink. Some shooters, long drinks, and cocktails made with root beer schnapps include buckshot, jack hammer, pirate’s float, kaiser meister, root canal, and alternate root.

With an alcoholic content of 15 – 20%, root beer schnapps is not too sweet and tastes similar to barrel-shaped root beer candy. It gives off a strong sarsaparilla scent, as well as a cane sugar and sassafras scent. The alcoholic sting to the nose may be uncomfortable, but you’ll be okay.

This root beer liqueur is a perfect alcoholic drink for fans of the root beer flavor. There’s hardly another drink that mixes the unique flavor and alcohol so well. The sassafras, anise, and cane sugar ingredients that make up the intense flavor of root beer can be tasted in one swig of your shot glass.

Some popular brands of the liqueur are Phillips root beer schnapps, DeKuyper root beer schnapps liqueur, and Bol’s root beer schnapps. It can also be made at home using hot water, sugar, vanilla, vodka, and root beer concentrate or root beer extract.

What kind of Liquor is Root Beer Schnapps?

bottle of root beer schnapps

Root beer schnapps can easily be confused with liquor, as many people do not know the difference between liquor and a liqueur. Let me break it down.

Liquor is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting a mixture of grains and other plants. There are 6 well-known types of liquors, which are brandy, rum, gin, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. They have a minimum of 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). 

Liquors are used to make many cocktails, and when in shot glasses, they are usually done as straight liquor.

Liqueurs are also classified as liquors because they are distilled spirits, but this category of alcoholic drinks is sweetened by flavors, oils, and extracts. Liquors are usually the base spirits for liqueurs. The flavored drinks were once called cordials and used for medicinal purposes. 

Liqueurs usually have a lower alcoholic content because of the additives, however, the ABV of the drinks can range from 15% to 55%; hence, the alcoholic content may not be a strong differentiating factor. These drinks make great cocktails, shooters, and long drinks. 

Some well-known varieties of liqueurs are coffee liqueurs, fruit liqueurs, cream liqueurs, herbal liqueurs, and nut-flavored liqueurs.

Root beer schnapps is a liqueur because it is sweetened by flavorings and contains additives.

What to mix with Root Beer Schnapps?

bottle of root beer schnapps next to vodka
What to mix with Root Beer Schnapps?

Sweet and unique drinks can be made by mixing root beer schnapps with sodas, beers, ice creams, or even milk. There are many popular recipes for cocktails, shooters, and long drinks that involve root beer schnapps. Some fans of the spirit have also experimented and discovered drinks that mix well with the liqueur.

Below are some popular recipes that mix root beer schnapps well with other drinks, including soda, beers, and ice cream.

Root Beer Shooter Cocktail

To prepare this cocktail, you add 30ml of root beer schnapps, 30 ml of root beer soda, and an equal amount of bourbon to a glass. It’s as easy as that. Once this is done, you can serve and enjoy,

Alternate Root

This cocktail uses orange juice and root beer to prepare a unique drink. All you have to do is add 1 shot of root beer schnapps and 60 ml of orange juice to a glass of ice, and you have a tasty drink.

Root Canal Shot Cocktail

The root canal shot cocktail only requires two ingredients: root beer schnapps and peppermint schnapps. You may also add Dr Pepper to your cocktail for more of that spicy flavor. To make this drink, you add 30 ml of the two liqueurs to a glass and serve in a shot glass,

Root Beer Float

This may very well be the most loved mixture that involves root beer. This creates a creamy and yummy drink. To make this, add 30 ml of root beer schnapps and the vanilla-flavored liqueur to a glass. After which, you add a 360 ml can of root beer and top with ice cream.

Root Beer Cake Cocktail

The root beer cake cocktail allows you to satisfy your cake craving and enjoy your favorite drink at the same time. All you need to do is add 60 ml of root beer soda, 30 ml of root beer schnapps, and 100 ml of cake oatmeal to a glass. The Ingredients are added part by part to ensure a proper mix. 

What is Root Beer Schnapps made of?

dekuyper root beer schnapps

While alcoholic beverages are not mandated to list their ingredients and nutritional facts, root beer schnapps is usually made of neutral spirits, natural and artificial flavors, and caramel color (in some cases). A 1.5 oz (50 ml) serving of root beer schnapps contains about 100 calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates, which are all sugar. 

The liqueur can be made at home using easily accessible ingredients. It is cheaper to make the spirit at home, and you can modify the ingredients to your taste. Using the method below, you can make your root beer schnapps at home without any special equipment.

Homemade Root Beer Schnapps

First, you add ¾ cup of white sugar to a cup of hot water until it is dissolved. Next, you add a cup of vodka and 1 teaspoon of root beer concentrate to the mixture and stir properly. Add ½ spoon of vanilla to the mixture and store in an airtight container.

Root beer concentrate may be substituted for root beer extract, but must be added in a larger volume. The vodka may also be substituted for Everclear, and you would get the same amazing root beer liqueur. 

This method produces a serving size of 611g, which contains 440 calories, 60.1g of carbohydrates, and 2.9 mg of sodium.

Is there a Root Beer Liqueur?

Is there a Root Beer Liqueur?
Is there a Root Beer Liqueur?

The answer is yes. There is a root beer liqueur. These are flavored spirits that are made with the distinct root beer flavor. DeKuyper, 99, Bols, and Phillips are beverage companies that make their brand of root beer-flavored liqueur. 

Root beer liqueurs can also be made at home using the above ingredients and method. These spirits can be taken straight from shot glasses, and they also make the base of many cocktails, shooters, and long drinks, such as root beer cake cocktail, alternate root, dog biscuit, root beer barrel, and many others.


Root beer schnapps is a liqueur with a root beer flavor. They are made with additional flavorings and a good amount of sugar, making them different from liquors. They usually have an alcohol-by-volume (ABV) of around 15% but can range up to 55%.

These liqueurs can be mixed with soft or hard drinks to create amazing cocktails, shooters, and long drinks. They mix well with vodka, sodas, ice cream, orange juice, and Irish cream, among other drinks.

Root beer schnapps is a perfect addition to your home bar and will make a great cocktail when you need to relax without the usual rum and coke. You should also order more of it when you are out with friends. Ask the bartender to surprise you with a root beer schnapps cocktail, and enjoy your schnappy experience!