Root Beer Vs. Dandelion and Burdock

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: August 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Root Beer is an infamous drink that people all over North America love, but did you know there’s another version of root beer that contains less sugar and additional health benefits?

Dandelion and Burdock is a great non-alcoholic drink that originated in Britain after a pastor decided to brew dandelion and burdock roots together. The fizzy bubbles and interesting blend of licorice soon made this beverage incredibly famous in Britain. 

The drink combines the numerous benefits of dandelion and burdock root, which were traditionally used as medicinal herbs. Apart from the health benefits, this beverage’s delicious taste ensures that every sip is a memorable experience. 

What Is Dandelion And Burdock?

case of Dandelion And Burdock

Dandelion and Burdock is a famous carbonated soft drink commonly found in the British region. It was initially made by fermenting the dandelion flower’s roots and burdock roots. However, it has since evolved tremendously; the flavors are sometimes extracted artificially. 

The flavor undertones of this soft drink are mostly sassafras or wintergreen. The dandelion flower contains vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, A, iron, and zinc. This drink has been infamous for centuries due to its healing properties for skin problems, iron deficiency, and similar blood disorders. 

The beverage is created by mixing the flavors of dandelion and burdock roots. It is often made by fermenting dandelion and then brewing the drink. Some companies add several other flavors to enhance the taste and make it more appealing to different demographics. For example, Fentiman’s Dandelion & Burdock is sweetened using pear juice and contains ginger and anise. 

The alcohol level in dandelion and burdock varies per manufacturer. While some companies make it a non-alcoholic carbonated fizzy drink, some produce it as a beer or a light mead. 

The different variations of the drink allow different groups of people to enjoy the deliciousness as per their preference. Not a fan of alcohol? No worries, you can find Dandelion and Burdock with minimum levels of alcohol. For example, Fentiman’s Dandelion and Burdock only contains about 0.5% of alcohol. On the other hand, Hooper’s Dandelion and Burdock contains 4% of alcohol in a 500 ml bottle.

Is Dandelion And Burdock Root Beer?

glass of Dandelion And Burdock

Dandelion and Burdock isn’t exactly root beer—instead, it has a slightly different variation. It is famous primarily in Britain, where it originated. Therefore, finding this beverage is a bit more challenging in the US, but you can find Ben Shaw’s Dandelion and Burdock on Amazon.

Dandelion and Burdock is a slightly bitter drink with sweet flavor undertones. It is brewed from fermented dandelion and burdock roots. On the other hand, regular root beer is made from sarsaparilla and sassafras roots and has a sweeter taste.

Some similarities between the two drinks include the gluten-free nature. Both root beer and Dandelion and Burdock are gluten-free. This means you can enjoy this drink’s rich and intense flavors without worrying about your gluten intake. 

Another similarity between the two is that both Dandelion and Burdock and root beer become fizzy and bubbly after fermentation. This effect is due to the fermentation of the yeast, which creates a bubbly effect.

Moreover, both root beer and Dandelion and Burdock are vegan-friendly. The sweet and earthy carbonated drink is safe for dietary restrictions. Therefore, both vegans and non-vegans can enjoy this delicious beverage.

Root Beer and Dandelion and Burdock are quite good for digestion. Some even refer to these drinks as laxatives. Dandelion and Burdock works excellently for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Additionally, root beer is considered helpful in treating ulcers. 

What Makes Dandelion And Burdock Different?

Dandelion and Burdock have an earthy bitter taste that can instantly introduce flavor and depth to your tastebuds. Did you know these two ingredients are also famously used in medicine?

Unlike most fizzy drinks, Dandelion and Burdock actually have health benefits. Dandelion is known to be good for the liver, while Burdock roots are great at removing toxins from the body. 

Dandelion and Burdock has a refreshing flavor, as opposed to the rich and overly sweet taste of most carbonated drinks. The dandelion root’s slight bitterness cuts through the burdock root’s sweetness. 

The drink is a beautiful golden color, with many foamy bubbles. These bubbles are produced during the fermentation process of the dandelion roots. 

This excellent drink is not only delicious and packed with flavor but also aids significantly in improving your life. Dandelion and Burdock helps with digestion and reduces inflammation in the body. This drink is also famously used as a detoxifier.

Apart from health benefits, Dandelion and Burdock is also great for emotional wellbeing. Multiple types of research have proved that this drink can improve your general mental health by lowering stress and anxiety levels.  

Is There Caffeine In Dandelion And Burdock?

Dandelion and Burdock is naturally caffeine-free. The bitterness and unique, refreshing flavor come from the fermentation of the dandelion and burdock roots.

Due to it being free of any caffeine, you can enjoy it any time of the day! Whether you drink it during the day, early in the morning, or late at night, it will not have any stimulating or anti-stimulating effects on your body or brain.

Dandelion and Burdock contains the natural antioxidants usually found in coffee. However, unlike coffee, this drink is completely caffeine-free and safe to drink for anyone. 

Since it is caffeine and alcohol-free, individuals from several different age groups can enjoy the classic drink. People with an allergy to caffeine or a general dislike for caffeinated beverages will find Dandelion and Burdock the perfect deal. 

However, this drink provides the best of both worlds. If you like your drink to be slightly caffeinated, you can taste the bitterness of caffeine since its flavor is somewhat similar to coffee!

Dandelion and Burdock also does not contain any dairy or gluten. The drink is perfect for vegans or people with dietary restrictions as there are barely any harmful effects.


Dandelion and Burdock is quite a popular drink due to its intense, rich flavor and immense health benefits. Although it’s majorly found in Britain, chances are you’ll find some variation in other parts of the world as well.

Dandelion and Burdock and Root Beer and sometimes referred to as ‘cousins’ due to their similar nature. They’re quite similar in taste and properties but not exactly the same. Some people often confuse the two. However, both drinks have different notes and different ingredient lists.