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Are Root Beer And Ginger Beer The Same?

Ginger and root beer are famous beverages with a huge fanbase. Although they’re famous on opposite sides of the globe, those who haven’t had both beverages often wonder if they’re the same drink with a different label. Root beer and ginger beer are not the same drinks—they are actually far from it. In reality, both…

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Is Root Beer Poisonous? 

Root beer is a summertime favorite for many due to its earthy flavor and refreshing taste. However, root beer is in the same category of beverages as sodas and soft drinks, which are infamously unhealthy as they contain many harmful chemical additives.  Although root beer is not poisonous or toxic, it can be extremely unhealthy…

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Where Does Root Beer Get Its Flavor From? 

Root beer gets its flavor from the root of a tree native to North America: sassafras. However, root beer flavors have been devised over time, and many root beer flavors are now widespread. Root beer is mainly characterized by its sweet, minty flavor and bitter undertone. It is a delicious blend of herbs and spices…

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Dad’s Root Beer

Over the last few years, the US Root Beer market has thoroughly expanded. Many root beer manufacturers have started changing this cult-classic non-alcoholic drink with their unique flavorings. However, not many companies share the same success story as Dad’s Root Beer.  An entrepreneur, Ely Kapman, started Dad’s Root Beer in a Chicago basement. Over time,…

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Bundaberg Root Beer

Bundaberg Root Beer is one of the world’s most commercially successful root beer companies. Their products have become a common household staple and are consumed as everyday soft drinks. This brand of root beer is renowned for its nostalgic and creamy taste derived from a secret family recipe.  Bundaberg Root Beer uses some of the…

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Barq’s Root Beer | A Timeless Classic

Barq’s root beer is one of the top brands of root beer in the US. Founded in the 1890s by Edward Charles, Barq’s root beer sells the most bottles in the US. But what is so good about Barq’s root beer that makes it one of the best?  Barq’s tastes gourmet. With its use of…

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Top 12 Root Beer Brands

Root beer is one of the oldest drinks that are popular today, with its origins dating back to the 18th century. At first, it was developed as a medicinal herbal tea (shocking, right?) to treat lung disease, but the patients liked the taste so much that Charles Hires started selling his powder-based concoction as a…

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What Is Root Beer Supposed To Taste Like?

Root beer is a non-alcoholic, caffeine-free, carbonated soft drink primarily famous in North America. This fan-favorite beverage became popularized around the 1890s and was especially cherished during the Prohibition era.  However, since root beer is famous mainly in North America, people from all over the globe wonder what root beer is supposed to taste like….

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Root Beer Vs Cream Soda

When compared, root beer and cream soda have several differences, but they have more similarities than you imagine. For one, they are both classic soft drinks and have been around for a while.  They are also both sweetened using artificial sweeteners. Still, while root beer is known for its unique sassafras flavor, cream soda is…

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Root Beer Candy

Enjoying root beer candies is a fond memory for many people who grew up in the 60s through 80s. They reminisce on the sweetness and the addictive flavor the root beer hard candy leaves on their taste buds.  Root beer candy was invented at the turn of the 20th century by pharmacist Charles Hines, the…