What Alcohol Goes With Pepsi?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: November 3, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Being one of the most popular beverages worldwide, it is no surprise that cola is used in various mixed drinks, alcoholic and otherwise. 

When it comes to Coke and Pepsi, there’s a decades-long debate over which drink is better. But do they play the same role when used with alcohol?

Although Coke is arguably more popular, both cola brands are interchangeable as mixers, unless you vastly prefer one over the other. 

You can substitute all infamous Coke cocktails like Rum and Coke, Jack and Coke, and Vodka Coke with Pepsi instead of Coke. You’d be surprised to know the result tastes just as good. 

Pepsi’s citrusy flavor and higher sugar content make it the preferred mixer amongst many soda fanatics and cocktail enthusiasts. 

Keep reading to discover several ways to incorporate Pepsi in your cocktails.

Is Vodka Good With Pepsi?

Vodka and Pepsi is a combination that is both ageless and one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Though the more popular name for it is Vodka and Coke, Coke here functions as an umbrella term for all kinds of cola, which includes Pepsi. Hence, Vodka and Pepsi are loved by all people; they just always taste good.

One great thing about Vodka and Pepsi is that it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. The drink is quick and easy to make—all you need is one part vodka and two parts Pepsi to make the most simple Vodka and Pepsi drink. 

Though this combo is pretty great on its own, there are many ways you can spruce up your Vodka and Pepsi.

Get this: Vodka and cola is a descendant of the world-famous Rum and Coke combo, also known as the Cuba Libre, which originated in 1902. Like the Cuba Libre itself, one way to refine your Vodka and Pepsi is by adding lemon or lime juice to the drink. This stops the vodka from being overpowered by Pepsi and gives you a strong citrus flavor.

You can add lime or lemon juice any way you like. However, the most common methods are:

  • Muddling two lemon/lime slices in the glass before pouring the drink 
  • Adding a few slices of lemon to the drink, is the same technique used in Cuba Libre.
cuba libre with a lime in a glass

Is Rum Good With Pepsi?

Rum and Pepsi is another combination you can never go wrong with. After becoming exceedingly popular in the 1940s, the rum and cola combo remains a global favorite. With Pepsi’s additional sweetness (compared to Coke), the cocktail becomes even more pleasing to the palate.

Rum and cola is the first cocktail that cola began featuring in, and it’s allowed several variations (such as Vodka and Pepsi, Whiskey and Pepsi, and many more) to pop up on the scene. 

Mixing this drink is as straightforward as it sounds: all you need is a pour of your preferred rum and a lemon or lime wedge. 

To ensure you don’t get the combination wrong, your ingredients need to be balanced. The traditional way to do this is using the 1:2 pour, i.e., one part rum and two parts Pepsi. 

If you like your drink a little sweeter, a 1:3 pour is good too. Remember, the drink should be as cold as possible, so fill your highball glass with ice beforehand. Next, pour the rum, top it with Pepsi, and garnish with a lime/lemon wedge. 

Adding lime juice to the drink will give you the classic Cuba Libre. 

Another thing that makes a significant difference is the rum you’re using. We get the sentiment if you don’t want to waste good rum in a cocktail. Remember, though: the more you like the rum on its own, the more you’ll enjoy the cocktail with it.

Since Pepsi is a softer cola than Coke, many drinkers prefer it over the latter brand. What’s more is that Pepsi uses natural cane sugar, making the taste more authentic. On the other hand, Coke uses high fructose corn syrup in its beverage. The only exception to this is Mexican Coke, which uses cane sugar.

rum and coke

Can I Mix White Rum With Pepsi?

White rum is the most popular base in a Rum and Pepsi cocktail unless you prefer aged or darker rums. The color of the rum is simply an indicator of how aged it is, so at the end of the day, both kinds of rum go well with cola. 

White rums like Bacardi and Malibu are known for being readily available and classic at the same time. A well-made and affordable white rum, Bacardi is the most common base for the Rum and Pepsi cocktail. 

Your preference matters most, however; whether you add Pepsi to Bacardi, Malibu, or an aged rum like Plantation, the cocktail should cater to your palate. 

Where Rum And Pepsi Goes Wrong

Rum and Pepsi is an easy cocktail to make, and it’s just as easy to disbalance the flavors if you’re not careful with their quantities. 

Bartenders may not pay heed to how the ingredients should be divided, which results in the bitterness of extra alcohol or the saccharine-sweetness of too much cola.

When given a Rum and Pepsi where the flavors are slightly off, drinkers tend to try and fix it. If they feel like the drink is too sweet, they’ll add another shot of rum—not realizing they’d need another pour of Pepsi to balance the drink. 

If you’re somebody who wants to savor their delicious drink, do not do this! This only works out if your main goal is to get drunk. 

Jack daniels and Pepsi

Is Whiskey Good With Pepsi?

Yet another variation of the Cuba Libre, Whiskey with Cola, is another popular drink worldwide. It is known most commonly as Jack and Coke, coined after the infamous whiskey brand Jack Daniels. However, most cocktail specialists say Pepsi with whiskey creates a different, sweeter, and more delicate cocktail than Coke and whiskey. 

Known to appeal to people who prefer sweeter cocktails, Pepsi and whiskey go best with a lime wedge garnish and ice cubes. As for Jack Daniels, this famous whiskey brand goes just as well as Pepsi. 

The whiskey’s vanilla notes blend perfectly with the citrusy sweetness of Pepsi, creating a drink that gives you the flavor you want without the bitterness of the whiskey.


Even though Pepsi is a less popular mixer than Coca-Cola, it’s safe to assume Pepsi functions just as well in alcoholic drinks. Its slightly different taste adds a new layer of flavor to cocktails—one that Coke cannot provide.

Pepsi’s higher sugar content and use of cane sugar make it a sweeter yet authentic-tasting mixer. Coupled with its citrus notes and consistent flavor in every sip, it is an excellent mixer for those who like sipping on and savoring their drinks.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out this new mixture now!