What Are The Best Sodas To Mix With Rum?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: November 21, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Like many distilled spirits made from sugarcane alcohol, rum is an excellent cocktail mixer. Because it is produced in almost every sugar-producing region of the world, this liquor is available in various grades and types, with different laws and traditions guiding its production in separate places.

Regardless of the grade and type, rum is smooth and rich, with a sweet flavor. Light rums have a clean, subtle style, which is why they are most preferred for cocktails, while gold and dark rums have a more complex flavor profile and are commonly taken neat on ice. These varying characteristics play a significant part in deciding which sodas best mix with this alcohol.

While there are many mixers to choose from, such as pineapple juice, apple cider, sweet vermouth or tonic water, soda mixers are quite different. Because of its tricky components and flavors, getting a perfect soda match for your rum may be a struggle. 

Not to worry, I got you. Read on to find out the best sodas to mix with rum!

Can I Drink Rum With Soda?

One of the most famous rum mixers is coke, a soda. Other soda mixers include club soda, ginger ale, root beer, etc. And while it may seem like a weird idea to mix your rum with soda, soft drinks complement the different flavors of rum nicely. However, some sodas go well with rum more than others.

What Are Some Cocktail Recipes Using Soda?

coke and rum

If you’re trying this mix for the first time or looking for more sodas to enjoy your rum with, below are some rum and soda mixtures that are just amazing and can quickly become your favorite cocktails.

Rum and Coca-cola

This is a classic combination and a well-known rum cocktail. As it requires only two ingredients, you can hardly make a mistake when mixing, which makes it a perfect drink for relaxing with your partner at home or a night out with friends.

While this mix is commonly done with low-quality or basic rum, you can use the best rum drinks or flavored rums, depending on what you like. For an explosion of flavors, you can try mixing light and dark rums before adding coke.

To make this, add three parts of cola soda to one or two parts of rum. Pay attention while mixing, as too much soda completely masks the rum flavor. Adding freshly squeezed lime juice to this mix will get you a Cuba Libre, an upgrade to regular rum and coke.

Rum and Root Beer

With its distinct, sweet, and tart taste, root beer is not your typical cocktail mixer. But this unique soda mixes well with several liquors. When mixing rum with root beer, the resulting flavor is unpredictable and will surprise your taste buds, especially with spiced rum. 

However, this concoction is a recipe for a flavorful cocktail. Simply add the two ingredients to a glass filled with ice and enjoy. For this combination, any rum works, but most drinkers prefer spiced rum.

Rum is also a perfect mixer for root beer floats. The vanilla and root beer flavors suitably balance the alcohol in rum. So, if you want to spike your root beer float, add rum!

Rum and Ginger Ale

Ginger ale has a light flavor (compared to ginger beer) that allows you to enjoy your rum taste. For a fantastic cocktail with all the flavor notes included, you must pair ginger ale with an appropriate rum, such as Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

While you will enjoy the less-intense mix of light rum and ginger ale, if you want a drink with more flavor, you may have to mix it with spiced rum or any aged rum. This impressive mixture contains less sugar than most rum and soda drinks.

Rum and Club Soda

Club soda is one of the most versatile mixers, combining with many liquors to make appealing cocktails. Mixing rum with club soda gives a refreshing drink as the bubbles in soda water ensure every flavor note in the alcohol is accounted for.

However, a spiced rum and club soda mixture over ice with lime garnishing is called a Spiced & Soda. 

Rum and Ginger Beer

Rum and ginger beer make the two main ingredients of the famous cocktail, Dark and Stormy. This trademarked cocktail is only made with Goslings Black Seal Rum, but other dark rums can be used. 

Some versions of this cocktail include a squeeze of lime, which adds more intensity to the flavor. Ginger beer has a more intense ginger flavor than ginger ale because the former has been fermented by yeast. 

Hence, if you want a cocktail with a lot of ginger taste, you should make a Dark and Stormy cocktail.

Where Did the Cuba Libre Originate From?

spiced rum and coke cocktail

Cuba libre originated during the Cuban revolution against Spanish rule in the late 19th century. Meaning ‘free Cuba,’ Cuba libre was chanted by the revolutionaries demanding their freedom from Spain. 

After the US got involved, leading to the Spanish-American war, Cuba gained its freedom, and US businesses moved into the new country, including Coca-cola, in 1900. Inspired by a drink Cuban revolutionaries drank during the war, coke was mixed with Cuban rum and finished with lime. This cocktail then became popular across Cuba, the US, and other countries.

What Mixed Soda and Rum Drink Has the Lowest Amount of Calories?

The soda and rum combo with the lowest amount of calories is rum and club soda. Club soda contains no calories; hence, mixing about 1.5 ounces of rum with soda water will give about 95 calories. 

Compared to other similar mixes, club soda and rum is your best shot at a low-calorie rum cocktail. So, if you are on a calorie diet, put down the rum and coke and make a rum and soda water.

Does the Quality of Rum Matter?

Rum is produced in many places around the world, and the traditions and laws used in production determine how the rum will come out. While rum typically has a sweet flavor, its sweetness can vary as well as its mildness, richness, drinkability, and smokiness.

The various levels of these characteristics in individual rums influence the types of rum being produced and sold. The most popular rums are light, gold, dark, spiced, and flavored.

Light Rum

These are the most common and affordable types of rum produced. Also known as white or silver rum, this liquor has a soft flavor and is used for mixing simple cocktails such as Cuba libre.

Dark Rum

These rums are commonly used in rum punches and you can find them in some cocktails with light rums. They have a rich flavor from ageing in charred oak casks.

Gold Rum

These rums are also aged in oak casks, making them perfect for dark cocktails. Due to the organic compounds produced during the production of this rum, it has a unique taste.

Aged Rum

Aged rum is very similar to gold rum, however, this liquor is made without additives. Their gold color is due to the barrels they are aged in. Many aged rums can be drunk straight or used to mix different cocktails.


The best sodas to mix with rum are coke, root beer, ginger ale, ginger beer and soda water. For a low-calorie version of this mix, add soda water to your rum and enjoy.

Any rum combines with the sodas listed above to create exciting cocktails but mixing the right quality of rum and soda allows you to enjoy this mix even more, such as mixing light rum with coke.

Whether you’re drinking a Dark and Stormy cocktail or a Cuba libre, you can hardly miss when mixing rum and soda.