What Are the Best Sodas To Mix with Vodka?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: October 19, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

While some people love their vodka alone, others want to mix theirs, usually to offset the burning sensation from spirits but also to mask the vodka flavor.

Cocktails like Sex on the Beach, Kamikaze, and Cosmopolitan are a few reasons mixing your vodka may be better than taking it alone. Juices, such as cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grapefruit juice, are some of the most popular mixers for vodka. 

And while sodas like ginger beer and red bull are commonly used, not many people know of the different soda and vodka combinations that, while unpopular, make excellent drinks. Many of these unpopular mixers make great cocktails and may surprise you.

Unlike many spirits, the formulation of water and grain alcohol mixes with almost any soda you can think of. However, some vodka mixtures taste better than others. 

Mixing vodka and soda is easy and is commonly done according to the mixer’s discretion. Moreover, since this spirit mixes well with many sodas, you can try many mixtures at home before you decide on your favorite.

But to make it easy for you, this article will show you the best sodas you should mix with your vodka. So, read on to learn the best sodas to mix with your vodka. You can also read here to know alcohols that mix best with root beer.

Does Vodka Go Well With Coke or Sprite?

Does Vodka Go Well With Coke or Sprite?

While vodka and Coca-cola is a popular mixture, mixing vodka with sprite is not commonly done. Below are some things you should know about these mixtures, including why they both make great cocktails.

Coke has a unique and special flavor, and its sweet taste, as well as its carbonation, easily offsets the flavor of any spirit, including vodka. So, if you’re looking to make a sweet drink, coke is your mixer. 

What’s more, coke has many flavors, such as the cherry and vanilla flavor, that allows you to make cocktails of different flavors. A vanilla-flavored coke is sure to give you a great mix and satisfy your craving for a sweet cocktail.

Vodka’s mixture with sprite, as mentioned above, is not very popular; however, it is one you can easily fall in love with. This mixture keeps the vodka flavor and only compliments it. Sprite in this mixture provides good sweetness and balances the vodka taste.

Ultimately, vodka goes well with both coke and sprite. But based on their different flavors, you may prefer one to the other.

What Are the Best Diet Sodas To Mix With Vodka?

What Are the Best Diet Sodas To Mix With Vodka?

Mixing with diet soda allows you to enjoy your vodka cocktail without worrying about the amount of sugar in the cocktail.

In no specific order, the best diet sodas to mix with are diet cola, diet lemonade, diet ginger beer, and diet ginger ale. Your selection will depend on the flavor you like.

While coca-cola masks vodka flavor with a very sweet taste, diet lemonade offers an enjoyable sour-sweet taste.

So, in choosing a diet soda to mix with your vodka, consider the taste of the regular version because they are more or less the same, without sugar. Also, soda water and tonic water have zero and small amounts of sugar, respectively, and could be used instead of diet sodas.

Top 10 Sodas for Mixing With Vodka

Vodka mixes with many sodas perfectly, but some mixtures work better than others. To make most of these drinks, you do not need to be a bartender or mixologist. It usually requires simple steps like adding two drinks to a glass over ice. 

So, let’s get to it. Below are the top 10 sodas that you should mix with your vodka. 

Vodka and Coca-cola

This is one of the most popular vodka and soda mixtures. A combination of distinct flavors, coca-cola and vodka bring the best out of each other. While coke influences the mix with its sweet and fizzy nature, vodka provides the alcoholic sting. While mixing, you may garnish by adding a maraschino cherry

Vodka and Root Beer

Vodka and root beer combination is a tricky one considering the controversial flavor of root beer. Fans of root beer love the drink, and people who are not fans hate it with as much passion (you can read all about root beer here).

But one thing is sure; root beer can make a great cocktail. In mixing with vodka, it shows off its flavor without taming the burn of the spirit. So it’s best if you don’t knock it until you taste it. To mix, add 2 ounces of vodka to 6 ounces of root beer and garnish with orange peel.

Vodka and Sprite

This is an unpopular but tasty mixture. It’s your best option if you don’t want vodka and coke. It compliments vodka in the best ways and leaves you feeling good. 

Vodka and Mountain Dew

Also known as a dew driver, this cocktail starts a bit sour but turns out really good. If you can’t get your hands on mountain dew, you can recreate it using vodka, Midori, and 7Up.

Vodka and Lemonade

Vodka and Lemonade

Even though lemonade is not considered a soda in the US because it is not carbonated, it’s a soft drink and should be on this list. Moreover, in the UK, lemon-flavored carbonated water is called lemonade. 

This cocktail is a sweet and a bit sour drink that is refreshing and easy to make. For a mixture with more natural flavors, you can make your lemonade at home by mixing lemons, water, and sugar. 

Vodka and Soda Water

Soda water has neither sugar nor calories, so it is the perfect drink if you want to watch your sugar intake. This mixture allows for more alcohol and vodka flavor. Although soda water alters the vodka taste and adds nuance to the mix, it is not as effective as other sodas in masking the vodka flavor.

Vodka and Tonic Water

Tonic water is popular for mixing with gin; however, its popularity hardly extends to other spirits. Like soda water, tonic water does not mask vodka flavor much as other sodas on this list. But unlike soda water, tonic water has a slightly bitter taste that some people prefer to flavorless soda water.

Vodka and Ginger Beer

Vodka and Ginger Beer

Many people confuse ginger beer for root beer, but they are not the same. While ginger beer is made and flavored with ginger, root beer gets its flavor from sassafras. 

You can read more about their differences here.

Ginger beer mixes with vodka and lime juice to form “Moscow Mule,” a popular cocktail. Ginger beer in this mix adequately masks the vodka flavor, and lime juice offers zest to the mix. These 3 basic ingredients create an easy-to-make and nicely flavored drink

Vodka and Red Bull

In this mixture, red bull adds a strong flavor, and you almost cannot taste any alcohol if mixed properly. This is a perfect drink for a long night out with friends, as the energy from red bull keeps you going. It is a common bar option, and you can easily make it at home, too.

Vodka and 7Up

Vodka and 7Up are great alternatives for vodka and coke or vodka and sprite. Bringing its sweet taste and fizziness to the mix, 7Up combines with vodka to create an amazing drink.

What’s the Best Mixer For Vodka?

What’s the Best Mixer For Vodka?

Cranberry juice is arguably the best mixer for vodka. In addition to offering a perfect balance for vodka because it is not too sweet or too tart, this mixer is also healthy as it is a proven source of vitamins E and C and aids in digestion. 

However, the best mixer varies between individuals, as different mixers combine with vodka to produce delightful cocktails.


Many people love to take their vodka alone, but others love to mix theirs, usually to offset the burning sensation of vodka or to mask the flavor. 

The 10 Best sodas to mix with vodka are root beer, coca-cola, soda water, tonic water, ginger beer, 7Up, sprite, red bull, lemonade, and mountain dew. Many other sodas mix well with vodka; you just have to find them out. So, get creative!