What color is coke?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: August 24, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

The word “Coke” is not new to many people in countries around the world, cutting across different continents. It’s believed that out of every 5 persons in the world, at least 3 know about coke and can easily identify with it even though Coke is not the only soft drink known to the world.

Ever since its first production in 1886, people all around the world can hardly talk about top soda drinks without mentioning coke as part of it. However, despite this high rate of consumption of coke, many may not know its ingredients and especially the color. This brings to the fore the question, what color is Coke?

The answer to this question will bring clarification and understanding to many who may never know the actual color of Coke. Hence, this post is about to reveal that open secret.

Is Coke black or red color?

bottle of coca cola held up against a red wall

For various reasons, many people tend to assume and even argue that coke’s color is black or red. However, the reality shows otherwise. While this may be an intriguing position, there’s no point in being confused about whether the color of Coke is black or red. It is not red and has never been red or black. The true color of coke is brown and it has remained so since its invention, according to the company’s publication and responses to questions.

Was Coke originally green?

There has been a wide range of rumors that the actual color of a Coke is green before it was later colored to appear brown as it is in the bottle today. However, facts have proven that Coke is a brown color and has never been any other, green or anyone else. According to a publication, the speculation of Coke being green started because, in the past, the soda drink was contained in a green glass bottle which might have brought the rumors that coke is green in color.

What color is Coke before coloring?

A lot of people ask this question because they suspect that the brown color of coke as sold in bottles must’ve been dyed to appear the color it is. They believe that color is a product of dye or coloration. This prompted an inquisitiveness, thus one of the consumers inquired from the customer care department of Coca-Cola if there was any coloration to the product and what he got was NO. This further made a point in the argument about the color of coke. In a nutshell, there is no coloration in coke, rather brown has been the color and remains the same.

What gives Coke its color?

It is no longer a secret that the primary flavoring ingredients in coke are citrus oils mainly sourced from lime, lemon, and orange peels. Others include cinnamon, acidic flavors, and vanilla. However, although these may be known, the main ingredient that makes Coke’s color to be brown is Caramel color, a water-soluble food coloring, which is highly oxidized and has a burnt sugar aroma.

Coke and Coca-Cola Clear

Generally, when you mention the name coke to anybody around you, the first thing that comes to mind is a brown liquid soft drink in a coca-cola bottle. But Coca-Cola soft drink products are in variants. And one of these variants that comes with a different color other than brown is Coca-Cola Clear.

Unlike the usual coke that everyone knows, Coca-Cola Clear is made without the usual caramel color ingredient, thereby giving the end product a colorless liquid soda. Originally introduced in 2018, Coca-Cola Clear has since been named “colorless Coca-Cola.”

Is Coke’s color harmful to health?

Given that the coke’s color is a result of caramel coloring flavor, there are been insinuations that the coke’s color may be harmful to consumers. Though there is no doubt about the fact that caramel contains a lot of sugar, which too much of its consumption may affect the overall health of humans.

According to various independent safety studies on food and beverages including Coke, it is concluded that caramel colors are neither genotoxic nor carcinogenic and robust. Hence, coke’s color does not pose any health challenges to consumers.

Things to know about Coke

John Stith Pemberton behind Coke

John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist created coke in 1886. The first intention was to make soda a temperance drink, something alternative to alcohol. One of the things that necessitated that was the fact that alcohol was crazily taxed in the 19th century and to avoid the heavy tax, John Stith Pemberton decided to make coke to be non-alcoholic and that is believed to have worked for him, and the company.

Coke led Coca-Cola to invent what is now trending as the “six-pack”

The intention was to create a carrier that supports buying and carrying multiple bottles of coke (six or less) at the same time, hence the creation. Today, the six-pack is trending across continents for various reasons.

Coke necessitated the creation of open-top coolers

In an attempt to keep coke readily available and in a consumable state – cool, open-top coolers were created to help carry coke to any desired location in a cool condition. So if you have ever used standardized open-top coolers, know that you have been using products originally invented by the Coca-Cola company mainly because of coke in 1929. The first invention was designed to hold up to 72 Coke bottles and keep them in cool condition for a long time.

The most consumed product at holidays centers, parks, events, and shows

Records have shown coke as the most consumed product in different places. A walk on a beach or any holiday destination and relaxation has shown that coke is the most consumed beverage by tourists, party goers, and event attendees. It is hardly observed without bottles of coke seen in these areas.

Coke was the first soda drink in the space

Many other products may have come to compete with records set by coke but some of the records may remain unbroken for a very long time. Talking about the first soda drink that was taken into space by astronauts, it is coke in 1985.


For over a century, coke has proven to be one of the sorts after carbonated drinks, buying the minds of its consumers across different continents and countries around the world. Although many other products have come up to rival it, coke still stands the test of time since its creation in 1886 and its color has not changed in any way but remains brown.