What Does Root Beer Do To Your Body

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: September 13, 2022
  • Time to read: 8 min.

Root beer is loved all across the globe by people of all ages. You can enjoy this dynamic drink in many different flavors and variants.

Still, many drinkers wonder what this classic American beverage can do to one’s body. So it’s natural to wonder if your favorite beverage is healthy or suitable for you. 

Whether you’re on a caloric deficit, low-calorie diet, or just curious about your beverage selection, we’ve got all the answers!

In this article, we’ll dive deep into root beer’s effects on the body and break down some frequently asked questions about this beverage. 

Of course, you can still enjoy your root beer by the end, but your selection will be well-informed. So keep reading to know more!

Can Root Beer Make You Sick?

Yes, root beer can cause casual sickness. Root beer is a highly processed drink, which means it contains preservatives and aromatics that are hard for the body to digest properly. As a result, many people complain about experiencing tummy aches and diarrhea. 

Root beer aromatics such as Anise or Liquorice can commonly cause stomach problems. Preservatives inside the beverage are infamous for damaging one’s metabolism. 

It’s usually better to steer clear of processed food items containing preservatives. Ingredients that give root beer its 1 profile (such as wintergreen) can also cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, always read the ingredient list before making your root beer selection. 

However, all of this is not cause for serious concern. Severe sickness symptoms can only occur if you drink too much or are allergic to an ingredient. 

Can You Get Addicted To Root Beer?

The simple answer is no; you cannot get addicted to root beer since it is typically (although not exclusively) a non-alcoholic drink. However, If you frequently consume ‘hard’ variants of root beer containing alcohol, you can develop an unhealthy dependency. 

Most root beers are non-alcoholic and can be classified as soda rather than an alcoholic beverage. However, root beers also contain a high level of sugar in it, which is why it’s better to stick to a limited amount of bottles per week. 

As far as addiction goes, root beer is a safer drink as compared to regular beer. So if you’re on your sobriety journey or looking for halal beverages, pick a non-alcoholic root beer.

Does Root Beer Dehydrate You?

No, root beer cannot cause dehydration. Some forms of root beer contain a significant amount of caffeine. 

Even though caffeine is a diuretic (meaning you might need to urinate more frequently), it does not increase the risk of dehydration. 

This does not mean you pick root beer over regular water if you’re thirsty. Water is the best resource to quench your thirst. In times of extreme emergency, you can reach for a root beer if that is all you’ve got. 

It’s preferred by medical specialists to limit your soda or tea intake and not replace regular water with such beverages. 

Can Root Beer Kill You?

No, root beer cannot kill you. However, increased or unhealthy amounts of any sweetened drink can cause chronic illnesses such as diabetes, which can sometimes be fatal. Plus, root beer contains a lot of sugar which can be attributed to weight gain and obesity. 

An excessive intake of root beer can cause severe digestive and metabolic problems. Drinking too much root beer can also cause a loss of appetite. 

However, root beer is relatively healthy compared to other sodas available on the market. It does not contain half the harmful acids found in other sodas. If you reach for a soda, root beer is a delicious substitute and will suffice as a healthier alternative. 

Medical professionals believe there’s no better substitute for beverages than regular water. 

Is Root Beer Fattening?

Yes, root beer is fattening. The reason for this is the high amount of fructose in root beer. High-fructose corn syrup is very high in sugar content, so an excessive intake of root beer increases risk of obesity. 

Sugary drinks commonly cause rapid weight gain. Most nutritionists prefer to completely cut out carbonated beverages if you’re trying to lose weight. 

Root beer can be drunk in moderation if you’re on a low-calorie diet. However, no soda is adequate for weight loss as it contains preservatives and sugar. 

Can Root Beer Cause UTI?

No, root beer cannot directly cause a urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI is caused by bacteria growth. Root beer, by itself, cannot cause bacteria growth in genitalia. So even if you’re consuming alcoholic beverages daily, they will not cause a UTI. 

However, sodas and root beer can worsen symptoms of a preexisting UTI. Health specialists recommend avoiding spicy food, sugary drinks, and alcohol if you already have a UTI. A bladder infection is excruciating, so you should strictly monitor your diet during recovery. 

Can You Drink Root Beer While Breastfeeding?


Yes, you can drink root beer while breastfeeding! However, while you’re nursing, it’s essential to ensure you only put the finest ingredients in your body, as what you’re consuming can pass on to the baby via milk. This means staying away from nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and preservatives. 

If you’re looking to buy root beer, make sure you buy a variety that is non-alcoholic and naturally non-caffeinated. 

Although several root beer variants are unsuitable for nursing mothers, consulting the ingredient list for signs of alcohol, caffeine, and preservatives (such as high-fructose corn syrup) can tell you whether pregnant or nursing women can consume the beverage. 

Like any other soda, root beer must be consumed in moderation. It’s high in sugar and can interfere with the baby’s and mother’s health if consumed too often. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Root Beer?

Root beer has a variety of health benefits. Traditionally, root beer was used in herbal medicine to treat colds and stomach aches. Such herbal science has since become obsolete, but traditional root beer is still a good source of nutrition. 

Home-brewed root beer has many health benefits. Clinical evidence suggests that consumption of this drink can aid the treatment of ulcers and lowers the risk of heart disease. Root beer can be used to regulate blood sugar. It is anti-inflammatory, so it can also help battle infections. 

It is wise to keep in mind that these health benefits are restricted to traditional or home-brewed root beer. Commercial root beer is packed with preservatives, artificial coloring, and high quantities of sugar that are not good for you. 

If you’re someone who likes root beer but also wants to remain healthy, homebrewing is an excellent option for you. You can also support a small brewing business with a transparent production process. This way, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

Does Root Beer Make You Pee?

Yes, excessively drinking root beer can make you pee. Carbonated sodas and drinks, specifically root beer, can irritate one’s bladder. An irritated bladder can make you frequently urinate. 

If you consume the same amount of water from a non-carbonated drink, you will notice that you’ll feel the urge to urinate less. 

This is because bladder irritants are present in most carbonated sodas. Therefore, the best way to prevent root beer from triggering sensitivities is to drink it in moderation. 

Why Does Root Beer Make Me Poop?

Drinking root beer every once in a while will not make you poop excessively. However, carbonated drinks are infamous for causing digestive issues. Such issues include diarrhea, a gassy tummy, and nausea. 

The only way to prevent this is to not indulge in excessive root beer consumption. 

Furthermore, root beer contains an artificial sweetener called Aspartame. This sweetener is medically proven to cause stomach irritability. So, if you’re thinking about reaching for that fourth glass of root beer, it’s best to just not. 

What Does It Mean When You Crave Root Beer?

Root beer cravings (or any kind of cravings) are primarily associated with pregnancy. In most cases, some pregnant women crave root beer specifically throughout their trimesters. Root beer cravings can also indicate a sugar or caffeine dependency, as some commercial root beers are high in sugar and caffeine. 

If you’re used to drinking caffeinated root beers, it’s common to get a craving. However, you’re not craving root beer; instead, your body is craving caffeine. The same goes for drinking alcoholic variants of root beer. If your body is used to alcohol, it will experience some cravings frequently. 

Most stimulant drugs that are present in sodas can induce excessive cravings. This is not a cause for concern if you haven’t built up a dependence or tolerance. Sometimes, a person needs some sugar in their system. 

Which Vitamins Are In A Glass Of Root Beer Soda?

Root beer is a soft drink packed with vitamins. You can get a menial intake of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D from your daily glass of root beer. Root beer also contains other sources of nutrition, such as iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. 

Commercial root beer has more harm than benefits. These beverages contain preservatives and artificial sweetening, which overpower the nutrient density. Therefore, home-brewed root beer should be a go-to choice for you. 

Brewing your own root beer ensures you can restrict the number of chemicals and preservatives in your beverage. This way, you can enjoy a refreshing and nutritious glass of root beer whenever your heart desires, ensuring you’re not compromising the quality of your beloved beverage. 

Is Root Beer Better For You Than Coke?

Compared to other sodas available in the market, such as Coke, root beer is a healthier alternative. Coca-cola is packed with sugar in a considerably larger quantity than root beer. Thus, root beer is the perfect alternative for those who want to cut down their sugar intake but don’t want to go cold turkey. 

Coca-cola also contains a high amount of caffeine, whereas most root beers are naturally non-caffeinated. 

Coca-cola is also much rougher to tooth enamel, causing yellowing and decay. So if you’ve got to pick what’s healthier, root beer should be your selection. 

Which Is Better For You, Sprite Or Root Beer?

There’s no soda or soft drink that is particularly healthy for you. However, in comparison to Sprite, root beer is the healthier option as it contains less sugar content and acidity: root beer has a pH of about 4.03, making it less rough on your tooth enamel than Sprite. 

Sprite is marketed as a healthier soda, but that can be refuted by its level of carbonation and sugar content. Since root beer contains less carbonation and sugar than Sprite, it is a much safer drink. 

Does Root Beer Quench Your Thirst?

Yes, root beer can quench your thirst. However, nothing replaces good ol’ water, according to health experts. Thirst is a natural signal to your brain that your body demands water. So if you give it soda excessively, it may cause health concerns over time. 

Any beverage that’s cold and bubbly will probably quench your thirst, but it’s best not to rely on root beer as a substitute for water. 

However, if you’re in dire need of a liquid, a refreshing glass of root beer shall suffice. 

What Is The Healthiest Root Beer?

With so many root beer brands in the market, it’s hard to decipher which one’s the healthiest. Virgil’s Zero Sugar root beer is the most beneficial option available as it contains little to no calories and is sweetened with Stevia. This helps bring down its sugar content and makes it a perfect choice for those with diabetes. Stevia also has a rich and earthy flavor profile, which gives your root beer a unique aftertaste.