What Flavor Is Black Cherry Soda?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: November 3, 2022
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Black cherry fruits have a tartness that balances their sweet taste. This is a flavor many people are crazy about!

However, it is rarer than other flavors. The reddish-brown color of this fruit gives it an exquisite nature that is utilized in its flavoring of wine, jellies, rum, and brandy. 

This fruit is also used in flavoring sodas. It is one of the oldest flavors of soda that is still being produced today. Still, it is not very popular as a soda flavor, and few beverage companies have their black-cherry-flavored soda on market shelves.

So, what is black cherry soda?

Black cherry soda is a fruit-flavored carbonated beverage with a bold, sweet, and tart flavor. While many soda companies make this flavorful soda, each brand’s product differs considerably in taste, smell, and ingredients. 

Some manufacturers use natural flavors, some use artificial flavors, and others mix the flavors. 

Also, there are a good amount of brands that make their version with pure cane sugar, in contrast to the more common (and less healthy) sweeteners, such as high fructose corn syrup.

Black cherry cream soda is a common variety of this reddish-brown-colored soda, which has a cream-like taste that most people love. Like root beer and cream soda, black cherry cream sodas make great floats and feature in many cocktails.

Some popular cocktails that use black cherry soda or the cream variety include a black cherry sling cocktail, a cherry chocolate bourbon cocktail, a cherry crush, and a peach and cherry beer margarita.

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What Flavor Is Black Cherry Soda?

Black cherry soda with a cherry
What Flavor Is Black Cherry Soda?

Black cherry flavor has a cherry flavor that is sweeter than red or yellow cherries. It is also considered tarter than other cherry flavors. This fruit-flavored soda usually has a deep, rich taste, very much like real cherries. 

However, as mentioned above, different brands make products that may be intensely cherry-like or have a flat cherry taste. So, how good and original the flavor it will depend on the brand of soda you purchase.

In any case, black cherry soda will always meet your need for a fruity and sweet drink and will also give your taste buds a special and memorable experience!

What Brands Make Black Cherry Soda?

Black cherry two glasses with cherries
What Brands Make Black Cherry Soda?

Being one of the oldest soda flavors, many popular and unpopular beverage companies make this soda. Having different ingredients and flavoring techniques, these black cherry sodas are only similar in their black cherry undertone. Otherwise, the taste of each product is easily differentiable. 

Below are some black cherry sodas and the brands that make them.

Fireman’s Brew Black Cherry

After their line of off-duty drinks, which include three beer flavors, Fireman’s Brew created on-duty drinks that include coffee and three flavors of soda: root beer, cream, and black cherry.

To keep their recipe simple, Fireman’s Brew makes their black cherry with all-natural flavors, pure cane sugar as a sweetener, and no preservatives. 

This soda has the traditional black cherry smell and a deep cherry flavor that you will appreciate if you are looking for that original flavor. It also tastes very much like maraschino cherries. 

Because of its deep flavor, it provides a good challenge for alcohol in a cocktail mix. This is one black cherry soda you need to try!

Olde Brooklyn Black Cherry Soda

As the name implies, this soda was first created in Brooklyn and is famous on the coasts of America. Owned by White Rock beverages, this soda has an attractive smell of fresh cherries, and its flavor combines black cherry and vanilla. 

It’s not as sweet or deep as Fireman’s Brew black cherry, but its taste is refreshing and perfectly represents what a black cherry soda should taste like. 

The vanilla undertones of this soda make it even better, and while its flavor is light, you are sure to get more than enough fruit taste in this drink!

Fitz Black Cherry

Fitz is another brand that makes root beer, cream, and black cherry. The company was created in St. Louis, Missouri, and has been around since 1947.

Their black cherry soda has a bold flavor that jumps at you when you sip it. Its taste is a combination of black and red cherries. 

However, it’s nothing you’re used to. Some days, Fitz black cherry may taste like cough syrup (the medicinal smell doesn’t help), and other days, it tastes alright.

Other brands that make black cherry sodas include Stewart’s black cherry soda, Americana black cherry soda, Faygo black cherry soda, Hank’s Gourmet black cherry soda, Stubborn soda (black cherry tarragon), IBC black cherry soda (IBC also makes root beer, black cherry, and cream soda), etc.

Some black cherry cream sodas include Virgil’s black cherry cream soda, Henry Weinhard’s black cherry cream soda, etc.

What was the First Black Cherry Soda?

Black cherry soda short glasses
What Was the First Black Cherry Soda?

Dr. Brown’s was created in 1869 with many flavors, which include cream soda, black cherry soda, orange soda, ginger ale, root beer, Cel-Ray, and others. Dr. Brown’s black cherry soda is the earliest soda with this fruit flavor. 

Over a century later, Dr. Brown’s sodas are still popular in New York, especially among the Jewish community.

The soda is light with an original cherry flavor, making it sweet and refreshing. Although the earlier recipes are not documented, this soda is currently made using carbonate water, cherry with other natural flavors, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners.

What Are the Ingredients In Black Cherry Soda?

The ingredients manufacturers use in making their black cherry soda differ by company. For example, some manufacturers use all-natural flavors, and others mix them with artificial flavors. 

However, some ingredients you would find in most black cherry sodas are carbonate water, natural or artificial flavors, sodium benzoate as a preservative, citric acid, caramel color, and sugar.


Sodas with this flavor have existed since the 1860s, making black cherry soda one of the oldest soda flavors. These sodas have a sweetness that balances out their tartness and makes them superior to other cherry-flavored sodas.

Because of its intense flavor, this soda makes a great alcoholic cocktail, and it is even better for making floats. Some brands that make this soda include Stewart’s black cherry soda, Americana black cherry soda, Faygo black cherry soda, Hank’s Gourmet black cherry soda, Fitz black cherry soda, etc.

Carbonate water, natural or artificial flavors, sodium benzoate as a preservative, citric acid, caramel color, and sugar are the main ingredients found in most black cherry-flavored sodas. However, many manufacturers add other ingredients that give their products a distinct taste.

To enjoy all black cherry has to offer, it’s best to select the perfect brand of this soda. You should try some of the brands listed above!