What is Cola Champagne Soda?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: December 23, 2022
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Cola or kola champagne soda means many things to different people. Whether sipping on a Jamaican kola champagne soda, or a goya champagne soda, this tropical soda defines itself on the drinker’s taste buds.

Whatever it may be to the drinker, it is not champagne, which is evident as you can only find the Kola champagne soda in the soft drink section of your local store. The cola champagne soda has no connection to the cola flavor, making the fizzy drink some mystery that can only be solved by having a taste.

Now you may be curious: if the soft drink is neither cola-flavored nor does it taste like champagne, then what is cola champagne soda?

Cola champagne soda is a sweetened carbonated beverage manufactured mainly in the tropical south American region, with different varieties produced in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and other Latin American countries. 

In its initial form, the kola champagne had a caramel color and a flavor similar to cream soda or bubblegum. The “cola” in the name of the fizzy drink generally refers to soft drinks, and it gets the ‘champagne’ in its name from the bubble-like element of the drink.

In hindsight, it’s easy to understand why fizzy soda has remained relevant over the years in Latin America. The kola champagne soda was created in Puerto Rico a few years after the Spanish-American war when the Puerto Ricans struggled to adjust to the changes their new country presented. 

It was created by Ángel Rivero Méndez, a former Spanish captain who became a journalist and businessman. After many decades, tropical soda is still a trendy drink in Puerto Rico.

Being one of the earliest products manufactured after the war, proud Puerto Ricans realize that the soft drink is an essential part of their history.

Does Cola Champagne Have Alcohol?

Non-alcoholic Kola Champagne
Non-alcoholic Kola Champagne

It is easy to assume that a drink with a ‘champagne’ attached to its name should have a good percentage of alcohol. But this is not the case for the cola champagne soda.

In fact, the non-alcoholic drink inscription on some coda champagne cans or bottles surprises first-time drinkers.

The kola champagne is a non-alcoholic drink and is as much a soft drink as a Pepsi or a coca-cola. Really, cola champagne only refers to a fizzy soda.

So, don’t look for a cola champagne soda in the liquor section!

What Does Kola Champagne Taste Like?

One thing is for sure; kola champagne soda is not like any soda you have had before. It has a unique taste that disintegrates into a mixture of flavors on your taste buds.

When you sip a tropical cola champagne soda and the goya cola champagne soda, it tastes like an unusual but refreshing mixture of cotton candy and citrus fruit or bubblegum and banana.

Wide varieties of the kola champagne soda have a similar taste, but frequent drinkers say there are distinct differences in the taste of the varieties.

The flavor of the cola champagne is much like the cream soda, being sweeter than most sodas with a soft creamy feel and a smack of vanilla. Kids agree it tastes like liquid bubblegum.

People who grew up drinking champagne soda (usually Puerto Ricans or Latin Americans) are anxious to refer the drink to someone else, adding that it tastes best with Latin American food.

While it is common to see reviews that compare some varieties of the soda to cough syrup with a sour aftertaste, it is also common to see passionate drinkers of the soda.

So don’t dump it until you taste it!

Who Makes Cola Champagne?

Who Makes Cola Champagne?
Who Makes Cola Champagne?

El Polo Norte Fábrica de Sodas (The North Pole soda factory), Angel Rivero Méndez’s company where cola champagne soda was first created, ended operations long ago. However,  many companies in Puerto Rico still produce the soda.

In recent times, different brands around the world have produced different varieties of kola champagne soda. 

Some of the most popular kola champagne sodas are produced in Puerto Rico. Santurce Soda Water, Inc. manufactures Santurce Kola Champagne, and Refrescos de Puerto Rico manufactures OK Kola Champagne.

Other examples of brands and their variety of kola champagne soda are:

  • S. M. Jaleel and Company produce Kola Champagne and diet Kola Champagne in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • A.G. Barr makes KA Karibbean Kola in the UK.
  • Goya Foods Inc. distributes ‘Cola Champagne’ in the mainland US, while Cawy Bottling Company produces Iron Beer and Quinabeer in Miami, Florida. Also, Cel-Ray soda is made by Dr. Brown in New York.
  • Jamaican Kola Champagne is made by D&G (Desnoes & Geddes)
  • AmBev produces Guaraná Antarctica, a guaraná-based champagne soda in Brazil.

What is in Cola Champagne?

Carbonated Water (Water And Carbon Dioxide), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor, and Citric Acid are the main ingredients of most varieties of cola champagne.

In some cases, like the goya cola champagne soda, food color is the only other ingredient added.

In nutritional value, 355 ml of tropi cola champagne soda contains 230 calories, has low sodium content, and added sugars make up most of the soda’s content.

Cola champagne soda does not contain caffeine or alcohol.

Where is Cola Champagne Sold?

American brands of cola champagne sodas are common in mainstream stores. However, other varieties of cola champagne sodas can be found only in small bodegas and ethnic grocery stores. 

The most convenient way to get your cola champagne soda would be to buy from an online store like amazon or WebstaurantStore.


Cola champagne soda has been sold for over 100 years, and its sizzle still refreshes today. Its sugary sweet flavor is typical among the different varieties. However, nuances exist in the taste of the champagne sodas.

Disappointingly non-alcoholic without a cola flavor, the cola champagne soda surprises with a boost of excitement.

This sugary sweet soda is similar to the cream soda and can be found in major online stores and some mainstream stores.