What is Green Cola?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: January 10, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Unlike Coke or Pepsi, Green Cola isn’t a brand name you might have heard of much. Green Cola is a cola-flavored soda known for its natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.

You might find it hard to believe that a soda can be healthy. While it may not be completely healthy, it is still a much better alternative to regular sodas full of sugar and preservatives!

Continue reading the article to know how Green Cola made a name for itself as a healthy cola soft drink.

What is in Green Cola?

Green Cola combines natural ingredients, including a sweetener extracted from stevia leaves, natural flavors, and natural caffeine from green coffee beans. 

The brand claims to use only the highest quality ingredients in its products, and its ingredients list is relatively short and to the point. Unlike most sodas, Green Cola prides itself on being all-natural, containing no preservatives, aspartame, sugar, or phosphoric acid.

The Green Cola Company is a Greek company that originated in 2011. It began operations intending to create sodas that contain no harmful ingredients that other sodas have. That is when, in 2012, the company made the first Green Cola, later expanding to different flavors and types of beverages.  

One of the most significant advantages of Green Cola is that it contains no sugar and, thus, no calories. This is a rarity for traditional sodas, which contain sugar and are often artificial sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. 

Additionally, Green Cola has minimal ingredients. It only contains carbonated water, natural flavor, natural caffeine, and sweeteners in the form of steviol glycosides and sucralose. It also has tartaric and malic acid as acidifiers and sulphite ammonia caramel for color.

green cola in a bottle

Why is Green Cola called green?

Green Cola is considered “green” because of its natural ingredients, especially its sweetener, natural caffeine, and real natural juices in its other flavors and drinks. The fact that it’s sustainably made only adds to that label.

The hype for Green Cola began worldwide when people realized it was a healthier alternative to regular sodas. Originally made and sold in Greece, this healthy soda is now available across the globe, including the Middle East, the U.K., and Spain, among many countries.

Green Cola’s most significant advantage is its use of Stevia as a sweetener. The sweet taste in this soda is extracted naturally from the leaves of the Stevia plant, which is historically grown and found in Paraguay and Brazil. 

The leaves of this plant are said to be 200-300 times sweeter than regular sugar. Stevia also contains zero calories and carbohydrates, making it perfect for health-conscious people who want to maintain weight. It also helps aid in digestion. Moreover, it does not affect your glycemic index, making it suitable for people with diabetes.

Another reason Green Cola is considered a healthier option is its use of natural caffeine. The caffeine is derived from unroasted coffee beans, or green coffee. The green coffee beans retain chlorogenic acid, which has many health benefits like preventing heart disease, protecting the liver, regulating blood sugar levels, and weight loss by boosting your body’s metabolism. 

Finally, Green Cola also uses natural flavors in sparkling fruit drinks, like Green Lemon, Green Orange, and Green Cherry. These contain concentrated natural juice for the respective flavors and minimal calories, ranging from 1 to 5 per 100 ml, depending on the flavor. 

green cola variety flavors

Is Green Cola better than Diet Coke?

Green Cola and Diet Coke have similar nutritional values. However, Green Cola seems to be a better option due to certain harmful ingredients in Diet Coke, like Phenylalanine, Acesulfame K, and Aspartame.

When we first look at similarities, Green Cola and Diet Coke contain no sugars or calories. However, the biggest difference comes down to the sweeteners. Green Cola contains a natural sweetener derived from Stevia leaves, whereas Diet Coke contains artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Acesulfame K. 

While both Aspartame and Acesulfame K are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), recent studies have found artificial sweeteners to be a problem. They have the potential to be addictive and increase your appetite, which can lead to consumers eating more throughout the day and becoming prone to obesity and diabetes. 

Besides this, Diet Coke contains a source of phenylalanine, an essential amino acid. Phenylalanine doesn’t pose a health concern usually. However, phenylalanine is dangerous for people with the genetic disorder Phenylketonuria (PKU) or other health problems. 

Phenylalanine can cause problems such as seizures, intellectual disabilities, and brain damage in people with PKU. The aspartame in Diet Coke is where phenylalanine comes from. Due to its danger potential, the FDA requires products with this amino acid to display a warning on them to warn people with PKU.

green cola display of flavors

What is Green Cola flavor?

Green Cola is a cola-flavored soda, so, like other cola soft drinks, it tastes similar. However, due to having no sugar and calories, it’s reminiscent of a diet cola drink and tastes slightly bitter.

Green Cola has a cola flavor. However, the cola flavor isn’t as perfect and preferable as the one Coke or Pepsi has. Still, according to reviews, Green Cola is preferable as it contains no calories and no artificial sweeteners. It also has plenty of carbonation, adding a kick to the soda and a tart flavor.

Consumers find Green Cola quite reasonable when you factor in the health benefits compared to other cola sodas. Although it might not have the best taste like more popular brands, it’s still delicious and has no sour aftertaste, unlike other cola sodas. 

What other products do they make?

Besides its standard cola drink, Green Cola offers a range of other products, including sparkling fruit drinks, mocktails, and caffeine-free soda. 

Sparkling fruit drinks are one of the first products Green Cola launched after its cola drink. These carbonated drinks come in many flavors, like lemon-lime, orange, and cherry. Unlike regular Green Cola, they do contain preservatives. However, they’re made of concentrated natural juice flavors and have minimal calories, a maximum of 5 calories in 100 ml.

Besides the fruit drinks, Green Cola also released the Green Mocktail Mojito. This alcohol-free soda drink contains no calories and sugar, only Stevia-extract sweetener. This drink includes a citrus lemon flavor which makes it very refreshing. You can add your own twist to it, by adding mint leaves or even honey for a little more flavor.

Finally, Green Cola also has released the Green Cola No Caffeine drink. This drink tastes similar to the original Green Cola, except it contains no caffeine and also has added salt. This drink is preferable for people who are health conscious and want to avoid caffeine in their sodas.


Green Cola seems to have achieved the impossible. Containing no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, it has made a name for itself as an alternative to traditional sodas. 

Over the years, the brand has branched into sparkling fruit drinks and no-caffeine drinks. Its chief selling point of a sweetener derived from Stevia leaves and natural caffeine from green coffee also sets it apart from other beverages.

If you haven’t already tried Green Cola, do it now! You can check the website to see if this soda is available in your region, and if you’re fortunate, you might get to experience the thrill of this new kind of soda beverage.