What Soda Has The Most Fizz?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: December 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

We’ve all had special experiences in our lives where we could be sitting at a table, and someone walks up with a can of soda, pop its opener and takes a sip, then laugh as they realize it’s not fizzy enough. 

But what does that mean? Is there some magic formula for making your soda taste better? Stick around and let’s find out together!

The testing process 

Before we get into the results, let’s talk about how this fizzy experiment is conducted. The testing process for soda fizziness is pretty simple: scientists placed popular soda drinks in a glass beaker filled with carbonated water and measured how much pressure they created. 

They then recorded these measurements with a handheld device called an oscillating sphygmomanometer (or “OS”). This machine measures blood pressure by pressing down on your finger while you breathe into it—the higher your systolic blood pressure goes, the more fizzy your soda will be!

The OS also gives you information about other factors that affect how much CO2 is dissolved in your drink (like temperature).

The result


Sprite is the most fizzy soda. With its high fizz and low-calorie count (about 80 calories per 12 oz.), it’s an excellent choice for those who want to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth out of every soda purchase.

Coke came in second place with a score of 50% – a respectable showing from one of America’s most popular brands.

How Do They Put Fizz in Soda?

When drinking pop, many individuals enjoy the way the bubbles in their mouths burst. The carbonation process is what causes these bubbles. When carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolves in water (H2O) or another aqueous (watery) solution, carbonation results.

Under normal circumstances, carbon dioxide does not readily dissolve in water. Manufacturers must maintain a low temperature and boost the pressure within the can (or bottle) to do this. In these circumstances, a lot of CO2 molecules can be captured by water molecules.

The can is then airtight by sealing it. In this manner, the pressure inside the can is kept high enough to stop the excess CO2 molecules from escaping. The CO2 in the container comes in two different forms. In water, some CO2 dissolves. Between the top of the bottle or can and the liquid, some CO2 is present in gas form.

Fizzy Sodas Ranked from Worst to Best 

We’re going to assume none of us take sodas for their health benefits, or do you? It is not a new discovery that sodas are not healthy for us. In fact, as you’d read later in this article, they can cause health issues if taken in excess. 

But what else can satisfy our always yearning tastebuds like soda?

So, we will provide a list of sodas based on their taste and satisfaction. This is not an exhaustive list of all the sodas in the world, but you’re going to find these at almost any store:

7/7 RC Cola 

Although this drink is mainly enjoyed in the south, they are also spreading into the west, but they are so behind in its game that it shouldn’t ever think of winning over many fans.

They leave an unpleasant aftertaste, and the flavor is obviously weak compared with flagship cola sodas.

6/7 Mountain Dew 

Mountain dew is in a class of its own. Although it would have been a rival to Sprite or 7up, it falls flat because of its unnatural look.

The soda is overly sweet and has gathered a lot of bad press recently.

5/7 Jones Cream Soda 

In the world of cream sodas, Jones cream soda deserves to be crowned. The transparent look, sophisticated flavor, and natural sweetness make this soda outstanding.

We rank it a little bit lower here because cream sodas have fewer fans, and how will it ever beat the other giants on this list?

4/7 Vernors Ginger Ale 

Ginger Ales have been one of the best flavors of Soda drinks, it is one of the oldest as well, but Vernors is the best of the Ginger ales.

Not relying on sugar to deliver a great taste, Vernors effortlessly combines great ginger flavor with carbonation. When you hold a Vernors, you forget Schweppes immediately!

3/7 Dr. Pepper 

Dr. Pepper thrives on sophistication. If you have ever tried to work up a name for the flavor it gives, give up: it boasts of combining 23 flavors.

We all drink Soda for different reasons and if you’re one of those that love complex-tasting sodas, grab a Dr. pepper as soon as you can; you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and more.

2/7 Sprite 

We are close to the top, and you wouldn’t have expected Sprite to be elsewhere. How sprite combines lemon-lime flavor and naturally-tasting sweetness is perfect!

The refreshing and bubbling taste of a chilled sprite can take you way out of this world to wonderlands! And you don’t want to miss this thrilling experience!

1/7 Coca-Cola

Unless you are a Pepsi fan, you should not have any doubt that Coca-Cola will top this list. 

The sugar content blends naturally with other flavors to provide a light and sharp taste. Coca-cola is good!

Is Drinking Carbon Dioxide Gas Bad For You?

carbon dioxide

While carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere, drinking it in the form of soda is generally safe in moderation. 

However, drinking too much soda can lead to excessive gas and bloating, as well as other potential health risks such as headaches, dizziness, confusion, loss of consciousness, weight gain, and tooth decay. It’s essential to enjoy soda in moderation and maintain a balanced, healthy diet. 

Can Tapping a Soda Can Stop it from Fizzing?

tapping the can

You may have heard that tapping a soda can before opening it can prevent it from fizzing over, but is this actually true? The short answer is no. 

Bubbles form within a container as it is tapped, and some carbon dioxide gets out of the solution. The bubbles enlarge dramatically when opened because of the quick pressure drop. 

co2 bubbles explained

Additionally, it causes the nucleation sites — regions around existing bubbles where carbon dioxide is escaping the solution — to produce new bubbles.

Tapping a soda can may cause some of the gas bubbles to rise to the top and temporarily reduce the fizziness of the soda, but it will not prevent it from fizzing altogether. The only way to prevent soda from fizzing is to release the pressure gradually by opening the can or bottle slowly.


In the end, Sprite is the ultimate fizzy soda of the season! It’s not only the fizziest soda, but it also has the most flavors in its lineup.  

Tapping a soda can will not prevent it from fizzing, and drinking too much can lead to excessive gas and bloating. Enjoy soda responsibly and always maintain a balanced, healthy diet.

So, next time your taste buds yearn for a spectacular soda that would provide them with the most fizzy stimulation, you know just the right soda to do that!