What Sodas Have The Most Sugar?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: November 1, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Across the globe, people have grown up consuming a variety of sodas, from Coke to Dr. Pepper. But soda wouldn’t be soda without the overwhelming amount of sugar in them. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming 25 grams of sugar daily, but most sugary drinks like sodas cross easily exceed that limit. People who consume sodas regularly would have to exercise daily (and twice as much) to burn off all the carbohydrates they get from soda consumption. 

The top-ranked brand with the most grams of sugar is Mountain Dew. It has 3.84 grams of sugar per fluid ounce, bringing a 12-fluid-ounce can to a whopping 46 grams of sugar. Cherry Coke and Wild Cherry Pepsi with 42 grams of sugar each. Fanta is next on the list with 41 grams of sugar.

In this article, we’ll go over top-ranked popular sodas and their sugar amount. So if you want to switch to less-sugary drinks without giving up sodas, keep reading! 

What are the Top 10 Sodas with the Most Sugar? 

The amount of sugar safe for consumption varies based on age, sex, and weight. The World Health Organization recommends consuming 25 grams of sugar per day for an average adult. 

However, most sodas come with added sugar which often exceeds the recommended daily sugar intake by the WHO. Most of the calories in sodas are ’empty,’ meaning they provide little to no nutritional value. 

Even the potential benefits of certain drinks, such as cranberry juice (sometimes used to alleviate symptoms of urinary tract infections), are minimized by their high sugar content. However, sodas come in various serving sizes, so comparing the amount of sugar per ounce in each drink is easier. That way, the comparisons are fair and square. 

Mountain dew tops the charts of any sugary drink with the most amount of sugar per serving. It has a whopping 3.84 grams of sugar per fluid ounce, which means a 12-fluid-ounce can of Mountain Dew has 46 grams of sugar. 

With only about half a can of Mountain Dew, you can exceed the WHO’s recommendation for daily sugar intake. But it’s not just Mountain Dew that comes with the most sugar per serving; other popular sodas are also highly sugary. 

A 12-fluid-ounce can of Fanta has 41 grams of sugar. On the other hand, Cherry Coke and Wild Cherry Pepsi have 42 grams of sugar each. Pepsi, and Coke tie with 39 grams of sugar per 12 fl. oz. can. 

Coca-Cola has 39 grams of sugar per 12 fl. oz. serving, followed by 7-UP with 38 grams of sugar. Sprite has the lowest sugar content at 33 grams on the list. However, a 12-ounce can of Sprite still contains more than the WHO daily sugar intake guidelines. 

The table below illustrates how much sugar is found in top-ranked popular sodas per fluid ounce and a 12-ounce serving. 

DrinkGrams per Fluid OunceGrams per 12 fl. oz. Can
Mountain Dew3.84 g46 g
Fanta3.66 g41 g
Cherry Coke3.5 g42 g
Wild Cherry Pepsi3.5 g42 g
Pepsi3.41 g39 g
Dr. Pepper3.41 g40 g
Dr. Pepper Cherry3.41 g42 g
Coca Cola Classic3.25 g39 g
Sprite3.16 g33 g
7Up3.08 g38 g

What Sodas Have the Least Sugar? 

The popular brands of soda that have the least amount of sugar in them are Coca-Cola Classic, Sprite, and 7Up. 

Coca-Cola has 3.25 grams of sugar per fluid ounce, bringing a 12 fl. oz. can to 39 grams of sugar. Sprite has 33 grams of sugar per 12 fl. oz. serving with 3.16 g per fl. oz., followed by 7Up with only 3.08 grams of sugar per fl. oz. with only 38 grams of sugar in a 12 fl. oz. can. 

These sodas have an average 6-gram difference from the top contenders, such as Mountain Dew and Fanta, with the lowest amount of sugar per 12 fl. oz. However, they still provide almost double the WHO-recommended daily sugar intake amount.

soda cans stacked

Is Sugar Bad For You? 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults consume only 25 grams of sugar daily, while the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is more lenient and recommends no more than 50 grams of sugar per day. 

Excess sugar consumption, especially in sodas, contributes to weight gain by tricking your body into turning off its appetite-control system because liquid calories are not as satisfying as solid food calories. This can have various effects on a person’s health.

For example, high amounts of sugar can overload the liver. Because the liver converts carbohydrates to fat, an excessive carb intake can lead to a more significant accumulation of fat, which can cause fatty liver disease and contributes to diabetes and heart disease. 

Additionally, consuming too much sugar can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of chronic inflammation, leading to heart disease. Sugar can also block your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients such as vitamins A and C. 

Does Coke or Sprite Have More Sugar?

coke and sprite cans

Coca-Cola has more sugar per serving than Sprite. But the only difference in sugar content between Coke and Sprite is only a few grams. For example, a 12 fl. oz. can of Coke contains 39 grams of sugar, whereas a can of Sprite contains 33 grams of sugar. 

Overall, neither is healthier than the other in terms of nutritional value. Both Coca-Cola and Sprite have 140 calories and no protein or fat. Let’s look at an in-depth comparison of the two beverages. 

Serving Size12 fl. oz. (A can)12 fl. oz. 
Calories140 140
Total Sugars39 g33 g
Sodium45 mg65 mg
Total Carbohydrates39 g 38 g
Protein0 g0 g
Total Fat0 g 0 g

Which Has More Sugar Coke or Pepsi?

Coca-Cola Classic has 39 grams of sugar in every 12-ounce can, and Classic Pepsi has 41 grams of sugar content in every can. As a result, Coke has 140 calories per serving, whereas Pepsi has 150 calories. 

However, these numbers vary when you look at the different flavors of each type of soda. For example, Vanilla Pepsi has 41 grams of sugar per serving, whereas Vanilla Coke contains 42 grams of sugar per serving.

On the other hand, diet Pepsi and Coke Zero have no calories or sugar. Instead, they are artificially sweetened, often with an ingredient called aspartame. 

Neither Coke nor Pepsi is at the top of the list when looking at sodas with excessively high sugar content. Still, they contain enough sugar per serving size to exceed the WHO’s recommendation for daily sugar consumption. 

coke and pepsi cans


Sodas are consumed in high quantities all across the globe. However, it is essential to remember that the sugar content in sodas can cause harm if consumed excessively.  

Most top-ranked popular sodas have a sugar content between 35 grams to 55 grams, exceeding the WHO’s daily sugar intake recommendation. 

Mountain dew has the most added sugars at a whopping 46 grams per can, followed by Cherry flavored Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper which contains 42 grams of sugar per 12 fl. oz. can. So before opening your next soda can, you might want to inspect the sugar content first!