About Me

My name is Max Savin and I’m a long-time coffee addict and sodaholic. 

I’ve made it my mission to promote curiosity and provide quality content and information about the history and culture of sodas from across the world, and to continue to share my love of sodas with all. From the soda enthusiast to the kid at heart.

After my third can of soda and many long hours of staring at the computer screen, I started to wonder how unhealthy really was drinking soda for me. 

It led me to find a fun and fantastic world of informational sources of nutrition values and benefits as well as all the local and global varieties of flavors and where to find them, I was hooked.

I started to come up with ideas for cultivating an exciting atmosphere to discuss and provide interesting facts, history, and culture of soda. An atmosphere of inclusivity to all, learning, communication, and sharing with soda fans and health enthusiasts,

I want to encourage all how nice it is to just enjoy a moment either alone or in good company the magic of something delicious, a refreshing cold soda pop beverage.

I’ll continue my research and review my findings on new flavors, products, and some discontinued too. And along the way hopefully, hear back from you with any suggestions and information on things not mentioned here. I’ll get to it now!