IBC Root Beer: All You Need To Know 

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: August 29, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

IBC Root Beer is a well-loved drink owned by renowned beverage company Dr. Pepper. Although there are many root beer brands in the market, only a few have had a reputation as famous as IBC.

IBC, which stands for Independent Breweries Company, held it until it went out of business. 

This brand of root beer has a wide array of flavors that can appease any beer lover’s taste buds! 

Variations include (but are NOT limited to) Cream Cherry and Black Cherry flavors. Therefore, if you’re looking for root beer in varying sweet and bitter flavors options, IBC has something to suit your needs. 

Traditional IBC Root Beer is renowned for its conventional and stout flavor, with subtle hints of licorice and vanilla. In addition, it’s loved for not having a strong acidity. Instead, it has a distinct smoothness that makes it a loved variety of root beer. 

When Did IBC Root Beer First Start?

This brand of beer was started in 1919 by IBC. This drink came into existence right when root beer became a legal business in the era of Prohibition in the US. Since then, it has become a household label due to its premium quality and refined taste.

This famous drink label had its ownership sold to companies such as Cadbury, 7-Up, and Dr. Pepper. Since then, IBC Root Beer has reformulated its taste and ingredients to make it a relatively better drink. 

The labels have also changed as they’re no longer engraved and printed on the bottle. 

Where is IBC Root Beer From?

This drink was first formulated in St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis has a rich and vast history of producing some of the world’s finest beers, and IBC is no different. 

This town of beer producers and beer lovers is home to many breweries, such as Anheuser-Busch, which is now America’s largest brewery. 

During the era of Prohibition, St. Louis had only 20 surviving breweries. Now, this quaint town is home to 65 breweries, excluding microbreweries and brewpubs. 

Is IBC Root Beer Discontinued?

Much to the delight of its fans, IBC Root Beer is still in the market and has not been discontinued. There have been claims about it being out of stock in recent years, but that is due to coronavirus restricting the production capacity of the parent company. 

You can still find this drink in selected US stores and online retailers such as IBC’s website and Amazon. The distribution may be off in some regions of the country, but IBC Root Beer is still in production and thriving as a well-loved beverage worldwide.  

What is IBC Root Beer Made Of?

ib root beer label

IBC is renowned for distributing premium and uncompromising quality root beer. This staple beer is made of 100% cane sugar. 

Additionally, IBC Root Beer has reformulated its ingredients using natural cane sugar to replace high-sugar fructose syrup. Its smooth and creamy taste with a bitter aftertaste is attributed to its change in formula. 

This drink also contains other ingredients, such as carbonated water, corn starch, citric acid, caramel colouring, and preservatives, which combine to produce a unique taste. 

Does IBC Root Beer have caffeine?

Does IBC Root Beer have caffeine?

This drink is caffeine-free. Although IBC’s Root Beer has an extensive history of being coined as a soft drink, the company did not find any logical basis for adding excessive caffeine to its beverage. Therefore, this is one of the few available root beers that has very little caffeine and little to no calories.

Furthermore, most root beers do not contain caffeine. If a beer is brewed naturally from licorice root, it won’t contain caffeine. However, some breweries prefer adding additives to enhance their flavor and give the customer a burst of energy. IBC’s root beer has considerably fewer additives than other alternatives.

What Are Some Substitutes to IBC Root Beer?

Root beer is a beverage liked by many because it is technically an herbal tea. Wide varieties are found in your local grocery stores if you’re running out of IBC Root Beer or if it’s not in stock. Barq’s, Dad’s, Goose Island, Mug, and Sprecher are a few fantastic substitutes. 

Remember that some brands, such as Barq’s, contain more caffeine than IBC root beer. So you might want to peek at the ingredient label on the back of the bottle to ensure they’re a good fit for your personal preferences. 

Is IBC Root Beer Healthy?

There are many reasons why one might be concerned about consuming too much root beer. First, root beer is high in fructose corn syrup and can be attributed to rapid weight gain. 

One of the plus points of choosing this specific brand is the variety of options it has when it comes to root beer. IBC Root Beer has a diet option, perfect for those who want to consume less sugar and fewer calories in a drink. Most diet root beers have less sugar or are sweetened with stevia, giving them a rich and earthy taste. 

Although high in sugar, root beer is also the safest soft drink for dental enamel. So, if you’re concerned about your teeth yellowing due to excessive consumption of soft drinks, you can put that thought aside and enjoy an ice-cold IBC Root Beer!

When Does IBC Root Beer Go Bad?

when does ibc root beer go bad

If you’re a regular root beer drinker, refrigeration limits on preserved drinks can cause concern. 

If IBC Root Beers are stored appropriately and remain unopened in your refrigerator, you can even drink them 6-9 months after the date on your package. Although it’s still okay to drink the root beer after the expiration date, we don’t recommend that as the taste can be pretty off-putting. 

Keep in mind that carbonated drinks or soft drinks are not perishable. They only lose their flavor over time and may taste bland. Therefore, do not worry about them expiring in your fridge. 


There is a multitude of reasons why people love IBC Root Beer. It’s a classic staple, easily accessible, and tastes creamy. This brand of root beer has various flavor options for anyone seeking a good root beer experience. If you’re someone who’s yet to try this delicious beverage, don’t wait too long!