Most Outrageous Soda Flavors In The World 

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: December 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

If you are asked, “why do you drink Soda?” you would certainly say something about the nourishing taste. But have you ever thought of outrageous soda flavors that don’t taste good? 

The soda industry is huge, and there are a lot of fascination (and dread) that are not being spoken about, and we are going to mention these weird-tasting sodas and the buzz around them.

If you’re looking for the world’s most outrageous soda flavors, look no further. From pickle to bacon, we’ve got them all covered here!

Gourmet Soda Flavors You Probably Don’t Want To Try 

outrageous soda flavors

Regarding soda, most people stick to classic flavors like cola and lemon-lime. But did you know that some truly outrageous and unusual soda flavors are out there? We are referring to the distinctive ones that, after you’ve taken them, you’ll leave a note for your grandchildren never to try them!

From bacon soda to wasabi soda, the world of gourmet soda is full of flavors you probably don’t want to try. Here are some of them:

Bacon Soda

One of the most unusual gourmet soda flavors is bacon soda. This salty and savory beverage is made with natural bacon extract, giving it a smoky, pork-like flavor that will shock and delight your taste buds. 

bacon soda

While it may not be for everyone, bacon soda has gained a loyal following among those who enjoy unique and unusual flavor combinations.

Unlike other bacon soda knockoffs that are downright awful, the makers of this beverage at Lester’s Fixings wanted to make it such that you might want to drink it. Even actual cane sugar is used in the soda to add sweetness.

Ranch Soda 

Okay. It might take an overwhelming obsession with ranch dressing to ever want to try this soda. If you are not put off by how this thing smells at first, you should be given a medal!

Also a product of Lester’s Fixings, Ranch soda has made its way to many YouTube videos where there have been mixed comments about the gentle-looking drink. Some think it’s the worst thing to ever hit the planet, while others nearly worshipped its creativity.

Pickle Soda 

Don’t be too excited; this is not the same as the pickle drink your uncle swore was responsible for their mustache or rapid growth. Nah. This is soda. You can imagine a fizzy and sweetened pickle juice; that’s what you’re getting.

Pickle soda is a salty soda that tastes like pickles. It’s not sweet, but it’s viral in the US and many other countries worldwide. We find the salty taste off-putting and offensive. 

Coffee Soda 

Coffee soda is a popular drink in Japan, where it can be found at most convenience stores and supermarkets. To make coffee soda, you simply add coffee extract to soda water and sugar. 

The two ingredients are mixed together by shaking the bottle vigorously for several minutes (or longer if you want your soda to be extra firm).

The flavor of this beverage is hard to describe—it tastes like coffee but not precisely like any other type of coffee you’ve ever had before! It’s worth trying if you’re up for something new on your next visit to Japan or if you’ve been craving some caffeine-infused refreshment while traveling abroad—just don’t expect it to taste like regular old American joe unless that’s what suits your fancy best!

Garlic Soda

Garlic soda is a popular choice in the Netherlands, and it’s not for everyone. The drink has been described as “horrible” and “disgusting.” It’s a bit like drinking garlic juice – but not really.

You can only dare to take this soda if you can get past the taste of raw garlic, which we don’t think is possible!

What is the weirdest flavor of soda?

pickle soda

When it comes to weird soda flavors, there are plenty of contenders for the title of the weirdest. But if we had to pick just one, it would probably be pickle juice soda. Yes, you read that right – pickle juice soda. 

This unusual beverage is made with real pickle juice, giving it a tangy and salty flavor that is unlike anything you’ve ever tried. While it may not be for everyone, pickle juice soda has gained a cult following among those who enjoy unique and unusual flavor combinations.

What is the sourest soda in the world?

If you’re a fan of sour flavors, you’ll love the world’s sourest soda – Warhead Extreme Sour! This mouth-puckering beverage is made with a combination of sour flavors, including lemon, lime, grape, and cherry, making it one of the sourest sodas on the market. 

With a sourness level that is off the charts, Warhead Extreme Sour is not for the faint of heart, but those who enjoy a good challenge will love this outrageously sour soda.

What is the history behind making bizarre flavored sodas?

The history of bizarre flavored sodas can be traced back to the early days of the soda industry when soda makers were constantly experimenting with new and unusual flavors. 

In the early 1900s, for example, soda makers started to experiment with flavors like cherry, grape, and lemon-lime, which were considered exotic at the time. Over the years, soda makers continued to experiment with new and unusual flavors, resulting in the wide variety of bizarre flavored sodas we have today.

How popular are disgusting soda challenges?

Soda challenges are a fun way to try new flavors, especially if you’re the only one in your group who likes them. The most popular ones are usually found on Instagram and Facebook, with people posting images of themselves drinking disgusting soda combinations (like cola and chocolate) or even eating them straight from the bottle.

You might be thinking: “Why would anyone do this?” Well, there’s nothing wrong with having some fun! And if it gets your friends interested in trying new things—well, then that’s even better!


So there you have it, the most outrageous soda flavors in the world! We hope that you learned something new about soda and also tasted some of these crazy flavors. 

There are so many more that we could have included, but we decided to stick with what we thought would be most interesting or shocking. And remember, if you try any of these at home, then let us know how outrageous they are!