Snapple Products: A Complete Guide

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: January 19, 2023
  • Time to read: 7 min.

Move over regular old iced tea. Snapple is here to shake up the beverage game with its delicious and naturally-sourced juices, teas, and lemonades! 

While Snapple has always been committed to creating tasty drinks for everyone’s taste buds, recent years also saw them begin searching for ways to create healthier alternatives – talk about taking it a step further! 

If you’re looking for something unique beyond what your usual store may be offering, then check out all that Snapple has been brewing all these years. Get ready ’cause there’s no going back once you try these thirst quenchers – life under a rock just won’t cut it anymore.

Who manufactures Snapple?

Snapple is owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper, a multinational beverage company based in the United States. However, Snapple went through many changes in ownership over the years to get to where it is today.

Snapple was founded by Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg in New York City in 1972. It started as a small operation selling fruit juices and carbonated drinks to health food stores and restaurants. It was first called Unadulterated Food Products. However, it was only in the early 1980s when Snapple officially got its name, a mix of the words “snappy” and “apple.”

In the beginning, the founders had yet to learn about making fruit juices. An interview with Leonard Marsh records him saying he knew “as much about making juice as making an atom bomb.” Hence, there was a lot of trial and error they had to go through.

In the late 1980s, Snapple began producing and selling a more comprehensive range of drinks. The company took off when Snapple introduced its first iced tea in 1987. Company sales went up from $3 million in 1986 to $700 million in 1994. This new beverage connected with the youth and became the drink that launched Snapple into the air.

The brand became popular in the 1990s and was eventually acquired by Quaker Oats in 1994. Quaker Oats sold Snapple to Cadbury Schweppes in 2000. Cadbury Schweppes later sold it to Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. in 2008

Snapple variety
Snapple variety

How many flavors are there in Snapple?

Snapple contains over 30 flavors, with a wide array of options, including fruit juices, iced teas, zero-sugar drinks, and the new Snapple Elements. Each type of drink has a variety of delicious flavors to choose from.

Snapple offers a wide variety of flavors in its product line. The company produces a range of iced teas, lemonades, other flavored drinks, and unsweetened teas and juices. Snapple has classic flavors like black iced tea and lemonade, as well as more unique offerings like mango madness and raspberry tea.

In addition to traditional iced tea and lemonade flavors, Snapple also offers a variety of fruit-flavored drinks. Some fruity flavors in the Snapple product line include apple, peach, raspberry, mango, and kiwi strawberry. These fruit-flavored drinks are made with natural fruit juices and are a refreshing alternative to soda and other sugary beverages.

Snapple also offers a line of unsweetened teas and juices marketed as healthier alternatives to soda and other sugary drinks. These unsweetened options are made with real tea leaves and fruit juices and are an excellent choice for people looking for a low-calorie or low-sugar option.

What is the new Snapple flavor?

Snapple has released a new product line: the Snapple Elements. However, these flavors aren’t entirely new and have a fascinating history.

Snapple Elements was launched in 2022 and is marketed as a light and refreshing drink. However, Snapple first launched this line in 1999. Back then, the drinks did well for a few years, but eventually, sales declined, so they were discontinued. Now, the Snapple Elements has been relaunched, but there’s a difference in the flavor and ingredients.

The drinks contain 45% less sugar than their other fruit flavors. Whereas most fruit drinks have around 40g of sugar, these new flavors include only 25g. Thus, they are considered a much lighter and healthier option.

The three primary flavors so far include Elements Rain, Elements Fire, and Elements Air. Rain and Fire are fruit-flavored drinks. Rain contains pear juice concentrate and agave cactus. On the other hand, Fire is a dragon fruit flavor containing pear and grape juice concentrate. Air is the only iced tea in this line and combines pear and peach juice with light white tea.

Snapple elements
Snapple elements

What are Snapple’s top 5 most unique flavors?

Snapple offers a wide range of flavors, many of which are unique. Some of the unique Snapple flavors include a mix of iced teas, lemonades, and fruit juices. Below is a list of some of the most loved, unique flavors:

Mango Madness 

Snapple Mango Madness is a tropical blend of mango that will transport your taste buds to the beach. This flavor is a refreshing tropical twist and is perfect for hot summer days. It even contains kiwi juice concentrate, which adds a particular kick to the drink.

This drink contains 5% natural juice and, like most Snapple fruit juices, contains no caffeine. The only complaint some people might have about Snapple Mango Madness is that it’s too sweet, containing 45g of sugar. If you can’t handle too much sugar, this might not be the right drink for you. 

Raspberry Tea

Snapple Raspberry Tea is a blend of sweet and refreshing flavors of black tea and raspberry flavors. This flavor is a unique twist on traditional iced tea and is perfect for those who love sweet and fruity flavors. The tea leaves’ tart flavor balances out the fruit’s sweetness. This is preferable for those who don’t like their beverages to be too sweet. 

This flavor contains around 36g of sugar. It also has 37 mg of natural caffeine and 150 calories. Raspberry Tea also comes in a zero-sugar flavor, containing no sugars and only five calories. It contains around the same amount of caffeine, so if you want something healthier with less sugar, you can always go for the zero-sugar flavor of this tea.

Kiwi Strawberry 

Snapple Kiwi Strawberry is a refreshing mix of kiwi and strawberry flavors that is perfect for a summertime treat. This flavor is a stimulating blend of two classic fruit flavors, as the sweetness from the strawberry is complemented by the tang from the kiwi. 

Like other fruit juices, this drink contains 5% fruit juice and 45g of sugar and, hence, can be too sweet for someone who dislikes sweet beverages. Fortunately, it also comes in a zero-sugar flavor with no sugars and only ten calories. Thus, it is considered a healthier option compared to its traditional flavor.

Pink Lemonade 

Snapple Pink Lemonade is a sweet and zesty lemon flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This flavor is a refreshing and slightly sweet twist on traditional lemonade with a beautiful pink color that you will enjoy sipping.

However, this drink contains more sugar than other Snapple drinks. With 2% juice and 50g of sugar, the pink lemonade might be too sweet for many people. However, do give the drink a try. The refreshing citrus flavor might be more than enough to balance out the sweetness of this lemonade.

Peach Tea

Snapple Peach Tea is a blend of black tea and peach flavors that is both classic and unique. The sweet taste of the peach juice is complemented well by the tart flavor of the black and green tea leaves. 

It contains 40g of sugar, and a perfect balance of flavors stops it from becoming overly sweet. Still, this peach tea also comes with a zero sugar flavor which contains only ten calories and no sugar, and hence, is an excellent alternative if you’re health conscious.  


What are Snapple’s real facts?

Snapple is known for its “Real Facts” – humorous or exciting tidbits of information printed on the inside of its bottle caps. 

These Real Facts have become a popular feature of the brand. They have been featured in their marketing campaigns and advertising materials. Some examples of Snapple Real Facts include: “Astronauts actually grow taller when in space” and “A spider’s silk is five times stronger than steel.” These Real Facts have helped to make the brand stand out from its competitors.

Snapple has fact-checkers who verify the facts before printing them out on the inside of the bottle caps. However, sometimes there are cases when people disprove those facts. In those cases, Snapple takes down the facts from its official website. The company prides itself on transparency and improvement and encourages customers to let them know if a fact is wrong.


Snapple has made quite a name for itself since its inception. Despite the hurdles, the company has developed various interesting flavors for iced teas, lemonades, and fruit juices. In addition, it continues to improve its products, especially with its recently relaunched Snapple Elements.

With so many savory sippers to choose from, Snapple has something for everyone’s palate! From the iconic iced tea to unique flavors like Mango Madness and everything in between, you can be sure that your taste buds will thank you when they find their favorite. So don’t hesitate – discover a delicious drink today with Snapple!