Why Do People Put Peanuts in Coke?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: December 22, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

This is one food tradition that will always fascinate us. Just think about it. It’s a bottle of sugary Coke with a handful of savory peanuts. What’s not to love about this sweet-salty duo? 

Okay, we know this whole pairing might sound a bit odd on the surface, but we promise it’s worth trying! Take it from the millions of Americans who love and cherish this timeless tradition.

These two babies are a huge part of the culinary world in the South. People just can’t get enough of this unique but irresistible snack. And honestly? We can see why. 

But what is this Southern delicacy all about anyway? You’re probably quite confused right now if you’re from the North. But don’t you worry! Allow us to provide you with the 411 on peanuts in Coke.

What are Peanuts and Coke Called?

Honestly, peanuts and coke are called just that: peanuts and coke. There’s no fancy name for this Southern tradition, but who cares when the snack has so much more to offer? You can refer to it as peanuts and coke, peanuts in coke, or anything else you like. 

Why Do People in the South Put Peanuts in Coke?

Interestingly, even Southerners can’t agree on the precise origin of peanuts and Coke. However, one of the most widely accepted explanations is that workers in the 1900s just wanted to enjoy a snack without using their hands. 

In 1886, Atlanta pharmacist John S. Pemberton officially launched Coca-Cola in the United States. Shortly after its debut, the fizzy drink became a national sensation. It instantly warmed its way into the hearts of countless Americans and became an integral component of everyday life.

coke bottles

As Coke began rapidly spreading throughout the nation, so did peanuts! In the 1920s, shelled peanuts became readily available at stores and stations. Can you guess what happened next?


When Americans saw a pack of crunchy peanuts sitting next to some chilled Coke, they had a groundbreaking idea. 

And we know, we know. The whole concept sounds a little absurd in theory, but we promise it’s actually pretty delicious. I mean, there’s a reason the entirety of the South instantly became obsessed with it.

It is unclear which particular individual came up with the idea, but here’s what is clear about the origin. Historians believe that agricultural workers and other manual laborers wanted to consume a snack that wouldn’t require them to touch it. 

According to the National Peanut Board, workers naturally got their hands dirty as they performed their daily tasks, and there wasn’t always a place to wash up either. So what did they do? They poured some peanuts directly into their Coke bottles and chugged them down like there was no tomorrow!

This way, they wouldn’t have to touch the peanuts with their dirty hands, and they’d have a convenient snack to enjoy at all times. Doesn’t that sound great?

Historians also believe this trend was the prototype for fast food. Both foods were quite popular and easily accessible in the 1920s, so it’s not surprising that a talented individual decided to combine them.

And hey, the coolest part is that it wasn’t just tasty but also extremely convenient. With one hand free, people could easily work with the other. Just think about how easy it’d be to drive with a stick shift, too! Talk about a win-win. 

Regardless of the exact origin, it’s safe to say that the peanuts-Coke combination is a pretty legendary invention. It is still very popular in the South today, and millions in the region adore the snack for its incredible taste (and rightfully so). 

Do Peanuts in Coke Taste Good?

peanuts in a coke bottle

To put it simply, yes! As unusual as it may sound, peanuts and Coke taste good. The sweet-salty combination is a clear winner in our books.

We were also a little hesitant initially, but now we’ve fully hopped on the bandwagon! It’s that good. Trust us.

Okay, so here’s how it goes. You grab a handful of salted peanuts and toss them into a good ol’ bottle of Coke. Boom. That’s your recipe.

The result? A delightful combination that’s sure to leave you wanting more! Something about the sweetness of the soda complements the saltiness of the peanuts a little too well, and we’re here for it.

Picture this. First, you get a taste of that refreshing fizz. And then, it’s followed by the satisfying crunch of some peanuts (the sort of crunch that lingers till the very end). Yum. Our stomachs are growling just writing this.

Do Peanuts and Coke Help You Lose Weight?

Peanuts and Coke are delicious, but there’s no science to prove that this combination can help you lose weight. While peanuts are said to be good for weight loss, Coke is unfortunately linked to obesity, which can’t possibly end well.

First things first, let’s talk about peanuts. They’re way healthier than you might initially think. Hear us out. 

According to research, peanuts can help you maintain a healthy weight. They’re even associated with lower rates of obesity. Woah.

The thing is, peanuts are loaded with proteins, healthy fats, and fiber. That means they not only take longer to digest but also lead to increased fullness. By letting you go longer between meals, peanuts naturally prevent you from overeating.

On the other hand, however, Coke is the opposite. 

The liquid sugar in the beverage just doesn’t make you feel full no matter what you do. So in an attempt to stimulate fullness, you’ll end up drinking way more fizzy drinks than you originally had in mind. And you know what that means, don’t you? Excessive calorie consumption, weight gain, and obesity!

To make matters worse, the fructose in Coke is a recipe for disaster. Research suggests that high fructose consumption can lead to belly fat accumulation, which increases your chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Plus, high fructose corn syrup is linked to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Yikes. 

The facts are in front of you. Though there are no scientific studies on the link between peanuts in Coke and weight loss, your best bet is to find an alternative. You can enjoy this snack for pleasure, but we wouldn’t recommend relying on it for health purposes. Take our word for it. 

What is the Recipe for a Peanuts and Coke Float?

If there’s anything more delicious than peanuts and Coke, it’s a peanut and Coke float. It should be illegal for something to taste that good. Seriously. And the best part is that it’s ridiculously easy to make, too. Keep reading for the full recipe!

We see you’ve decided to hop into the kitchen for a little culinary adventure. And honestly? We love this energy. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One chilled bottle of Coke
  • Some salted peanuts
  • Two scoops of vanilla ice cream

Yep, that’s it! It’s that simple. Feel free to adjust the quantities to fit your needs.

Here are the steps:

  1. Insert half of the Coke and the peanuts.
  2. Top it with ice cream.
  3. Insert the remaining Coke and peanuts. Serve immediately, and enjoy!

Once again, it’s that simple. This tried-and-tested recipe will only take about five minutes, but the flavor will stay with you for much longer. Go ahead and give it a try! We promise you won’t regret it.


Let’s give credit where credit is due. The South has some amazing culinary tricks up its sleeve, doesn’t it?

After biscuits and gravy, peach cobbler, and fried chicken, we can add peanuts and Coke to the list of incredible foods in the region.

There’s just something about the way the salty goodness of the peanuts goes with the sugary fizz of the soda. It’s a match made in heaven.

It’s no wonder Americans are obsessed with it! Even a whopping hundred years after its origin, the snack remains incredibly popular and loved. Whether you want a midday treat or a midnight snack, it’s ideal for munching on anytime and anywhere!

Curious about the taste? Toss some peanuts into a Coke bottle, and see what all the hype is about!