Does Mountain Dew Have a Lot of Sugar?

  • By: Max S.
  • Date: December 23, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Mountain Dew is one of the most famous carbonated beverages worldwide. Whichever store you go to, it’s almost always there alongside other giants in the beverage industry, such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, 7UP, etc. 

Over the years, Dew has released a lot of new flavors to try: Baja Blast, Code Red, Major Melon, etc. But nothing beats the classic Original taste along with Diet and Zero Sugar. They’ve been a favorite since the 1990s. 

You may already know that most beverages contain enormous amounts of sugar, but did you ever think about which famous soda tops the chart? Or how much sugar one can or bottle contains? Well, read on to find out! 

Is Mountain Dew The Most Sugary Soda?

According to Business Insider, Mountain Dew is rated #1 amongst sodas containing the highest amount of sugar.  

Mountain Dew was found to have much higher sugar levels in grams per fluid ounce than other popular drinks, including Coca-Cola, Monster Energy Drink, etc. For example, you can compare the values in the picture below:

sugar levels chart

As you can see, the amount of sugar in some of our favorite drinks is alarming. In fact, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars that men and women should consume in a day is 36 grams and 25 grams, respectively.

Just one can of Mountain Dew exceeds the daily limit of sugar consumption you’re allowed. Because of these high levels of added sugars in popular drinks,  health conditions such as weight gain, obesity, and diabetes are becoming increasingly common in the U.S. and worldwide.

How Much Sugar Is In A 7.5 Oz Can Of Mountain Dew?

A 7.5 oz can of Mountain Dew contains 29 grams of sugar, equivalent to 7 teaspoons.

This can exceed the daily sugar limit women should consume and almost meets the limit for men. It shows how even such a small can contains a massive amount of sugar. People need to be aware of how much sugar they’re unknowingly consuming and take better care of their health.

How Much Sugar Is In A 12-Oz Can Of Mountain Dew?

A 12 oz can of Mountain Dew contains 46 grams of sugar, which amounts to almost 10 teaspoons. Therefore, one can of Dew exceeds the maximum amount of sugar both men and women should consume daily. That’s nearly a quarter cup of powdered sugar in just 12 oz! 

Sodas and other beverages are a large part of the added sugar consumption by Americans today. According to the AHA, the average American consumes 77 grams of sugar daily. Unfortunately, too much sugar further increases the risk of a heart attack, so it’s best to keep track of the number of sodas you drink in a day! 

How Much Sugar Is In A 16-Oz Bottle Of Mountain Dew?

A 16 oz bottle of Mountain Dew contains 61 grams of sugar, which equals almost 15 teaspoons! If you think about it visually, the sugar amount in this bottle is equivalent to 1/3rd of a cup. 

The sugar level in this bottle is almost 3 times the maximum limit you should consume in a day. This startling fact shows why health problems are becoming more prevalent throughout the globe. 

mt dew bottle

How Much Sugar Is In A 2-Liter Bottle Of Mountain Dew?

A 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew contains 276 grams of sugar, almost equivalent to 1 and a half cups.

One bottle contains six servings, each containing 46 grams of sugar. That means the whole bottle exceeds 6 times the maximum limit of daily sugar consumption recommended for you. 

According to SugarStacks, one 2-liter bottle contains 40% more caffeine and 15% more sugar than a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. This comparison confirms that while all carbonated beverages have unhealthy amounts of sugar, Mountain Dew definitely tops the list and should be consumed carefully.

What Is The Difference Between Diet Mountain Dew And Zero Sugar?

According to Pepsico, the manufacturer of Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar contains 0 calories per 20 oz. However, Zero Sugar contains more caffeine than Diet Mountain Dew does. In comparison, Diet Mountain Dew has 10 calories per 20 oz. 

If you peek at the ingredients list, you’ll see that Diet Mountain Dew contains concentrated orange juice while Zero Sugar doesn’t. The two also contain different artificial sweeteners, due to which they might taste similar yet uniquely different at the same time. 

mt dew tasting

Does Mountain Dew Zero Sugar have aspartame?

Yes, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar does contain aspartame, one of the leading artificial sweeteners. In addition, it has two additional sweeteners: Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K) and Sucralose. 

Aspartame is said to be about 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. Unfortunately, it also has a short shelf life, so if Mountain Dew is stored in warm or hot temperatures for a long time, the aspartame breaks down. This causes the beverage to lose its sweet taste, so you might want to make sure you drink it soon after buying and not wait a while.

Many carbonated beverages contain aspartame because it adds sweetness to them without being too rich in calories. It is one of the food and beverage industry’s most thoroughly researched and tested ingredients. Other products like Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, etc., also contain aspartame.


We already know that carbonated beverages aren’t the healthiest of options. Not only do they contain a vast amount of sugar, but they also have lots of caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and dyes.

You never realize the adverse effects these beverages can have on you. While the sugar content is still a lot, a can or two are acceptable and won’t do much harm. But if you indulge in more and drink them daily, they can cause long-term health issues like diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. 

Like anything else, it’s best to take things in moderation. So take care while consuming Mountain Dew and other carbonated drinks, and don’t guzzle them down. Better safe than sorry, as they say!